Photo of David Carment

David Carment

Degrees:PhD (McGill), MA (Carleton), BA (McMaster)

Cross-appointed with the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs

Research Interests: Canadian Foreign Policy; Diaspora; Mediation and Negotiation; Fragile States; Conflict Prevention and Early Warning

In addition to being Director of the School, I am  a full Professor of International Affairs at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University, Fellow of the Canadian Global  Affairs Institute (CGAI) and Senior Fellow at the Institute for Peace and Diplomacy (IPD). I was a NATO Fellow selected by the Royal Society of Canada. I serve as  the principal investigator for the Country Indicators for Foreign Policy project (CIFP) and Executive Director of iaffairscanada. I have  served as Director of the Centre for Security and Defence Studies at Carleton University. I am the recipient of a Carleton Graduate Student’s teaching excellence award, and various Carleton research awards including two Carleton University research achievement awards and a Petro-Canada Young Innovator Award.  I have held Fellowships at the Kennedy School, Harvard, the Hoover Institution, Stanford, GCR-Duisburg-Essen and UNU-WIDER. I have received several SSHRC Fellowships (post-doctoral and doctoral) as well as six SSHRCC research grants, support to Scholarly Journals and  connections grants. I am the Editor of Canadian Foreign Policy Journal (CFPJ) and Founding Series Editor for Palgrave’s Canada and International Book Series. Each year in consultation with experts in Canada  graduate students and I produce the Trudeau Foreign Policy Report Card. The report cards can be found at  CFPJ’s affiliate iaffairscanada.
The  Canadian Foreign Policy Journal website can be found here.

Research Interests:
My research  is consistent with the University’s goals in a number of crucial areas. Canadian  international public policy, ongoing and direct engagement with graduate students; peer reviewed  publications and a strong web presence based on building partnerships, networks and outreach tools.  My experience in collaborative leadership involves leading teams of researchers on major government initiatives including  designing and contributing to multi stakeholder programmes. I have held grants from SSHRC, CIDA, GAC, IDRC , DND and a variety of international organizations including the UNDP, the EU, and the UNU serving as principal investigator for all of them.

My current funded research examines linkages between diaspora communities in Canada and fragile and conflict affected states. I am particularly interested in how diaspora can support peaceful transitions in states experiencing ongoing and protracted contested sovereignty. In examining these linkages  key entry areas for research include mediation, negotiation, early warning and conflict prevention. Presentation of research, publication  of research and engagement within the diaspora  all serve to enhance Carleton’s reputation as  a policy and research intensive University.

Related research can be found at the Country Indicators for Policy (CIFP)  project website here.   For more than two decades, CIFP support to graduate training and opportunities for joint publication  have proved successful. Many students  have gone on to apply their specific skills in a professional capacity.

Recent Publications

Books Edited and Co-Authored

Canada Among Nations: Democracy and Canadian Foreign Policy (Palgrave  2023)  with Maxwell Cameron and David Gillies.

 Handbook of Fragile States (Edward Elgar 2023) with Yiagadeesen Samy.

 Canada Among Nations: Canada and Great Power Competition (Palgrave 2022) with Laura Macdonald and Jeremy Paltiel.

 Canada Among Nations: Political Turmoil in a Tumultuous World (Palgrave 2021)  with Richard Nimijean.

 Exiting the Fragility Trap (University of Ohio Press, 2019) with Yiagadeesen Samy.

 Canada Among Nations: Sovereignty or Shared Institutions? (Palgrave 2019) with Chris Sands.

 Branding Canada (Routledge 2019) with Richard Nimijean.

 Mediation in a Fragile World (Routledge 2017) edited with Evan Hoffman.

 Canada and Corruption (Routledge 2017) with Robert Rotberg.

 Post-Soviet Diaspora: Global Perspectives and Everyday Practices (Palgrave Macmillan 2017) with Milana Nikolko.

 Diaspora as Cultures of Cooperation: Local and Global Perspectives (Palgrave-Macmillan 2016) with Ariane Sadjed.

 Canada in The World:  Demography, Diaspora, Domestic Politics and Canadian Foreign Policy

(McGill Queen’s University Press, 2007) with David Bercuson.

 Security, Development and the Fragile State: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Policy (Routledge Press, 2011) with Teddy Samy and Stewart Prest.

 Who Intervenes? Ethnic Conflict and Interstate Crises (Ohio State University Press, 2006). with Patrick James and Zaynep Taydas).

Book Chapters

“Ethnic Conflict and Modern Warfare” in Routledge Handbook of the Future  of Warfare edited by Sebastien Kaempf and Artur Grusckak (Routledge 2023) with Dani Belo.

“Stephen Harper: To Russia with Love” in  ed. McKenna, Peter, Harper’s World (University of Toronto Press     2022) (with Milana Nikolko and Katerina Koleva).

“Diaspora Networks, Fragile States: Conflict and Cooperation” in ed. Liam Kennedy, Routledge International Handbook of Diaspora Diplomacy (Routledge 2021). (with Milana Nikolko, Sam MacIsaac and Dani Belo).

 “The Impact of Ukraine’s Informal Economy on Women: Mobilizing Canada’s Diaspora for Growth and Opportunity During Crisis,” in eds. Carment, David and Nimijean Richard, Canada Among Nations: Political Turmoil in a Tumultuous World (Palgrave 2021). (with Milana Nikolko and Sam MacIsaac).

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“Mediating Grey Zone Conflict: The Ukraine Crisis” in Handbook on Mediating International Crises eds. Jon Wilkenfeld, Kyle Beardsley and David Quinn (Ashgate 2019) (with Milana Nikolko and Dani Belo).


Journal Articles

“Mobilizing diaspora during crisis: Ukrainian diaspora in Canada and the intergenerational sweet spot” in Journal of Diaspora Studies  (2021) (with Milana Nikolko and Sam MacIssac).

“Unilateralism and Competitive Multilateralism in Gray-zone Conflict: A Comparison of Russia and the United States,” Wild Blue Yonder, 3, August 2020 (with Dani Belo)

“Gray-zone Conflict Management: Theory, Evidence, and Challenges,”  JEMEAA, Vol. 2, No. 2 June 2020 (with Dani Belo).

Aid Targeting to Fragile and Conflict-Affected States and Implications for Aid Effectiveness,” Politics and Governance  (with Yiagadeesen Samy) 7(2), 2019, pp. 93-102. PI.

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“Diasporas and Fragile states, beyond remittances: Assessing the theoretical and policy linkages” for Special issue: Diaspora Mobilizations for Conflict and Post Conflict Reconstruction: Contextual and Comparative Dimensions in  Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (2018) (with Racheal Calleja).

“Categorization of States Beyond Strong and Weak” in Stability International Journal of Security and Development (2017). (with Peter Tikuisis).

 “Old Wine, New Bottles: Synthesis and Integration in Ethnic Conflict Research” in Ethnopolitics (2016).

 Typology of State Types: Persistence and Transition” (2015) International Interactions, 41:3 (with Peter Tikuisis, Joe Landry and Yiagadeesen Samy).

In the media

“Canada Should not Support regime Change in Russia,” Ottawa Citizen, March 29, 2023.

“More War or Shared Responsibility?”  June 2022,

“Let’s Stop Pretending Canada isn’t at war in Ukraine” in Policy Options, March 18, 2022 (with Dani Belo).

“Is American’s strategic goal the isolation and collapse of Russia?” in The Toronto Star, March 14 2022 (with        Dani Belo).

“Canada is missing opportunities in the threat against Ukraine” in iPolitics ,January 27, 2022 (with Dani Belo).

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