Photo of Hanna Stewart

Hanna Stewart

Policy Analyst, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Degrees:BA CDNS, 2018

How has your Carleton degree from the School shaped your career pursuits?

My Bachelor’s degree from the School of Canadian Studies helped me navigate my way through grad school and now to my current role as a policy analyst in the government.

From my time in the School, I learned the importance of time management, effective communication with classmates and professors, the value of networking, and how to ask for help when needed.

All of these skills have helped me grow my academic knowledge for when I wrote my Master’s thesis, and have helped me stay organized and goal-oriented in my professional career as well.

What specific opportunities, courses or experiences did you most benefit from when studying in the School?

I appreciated the big lecture experience with the Introduction to Canadian Studies class and how there were so many students I could meet in such a large class and through my tutorial.

At the same time, I really benefited from the smaller class sizes and the one-on-one time I received from professors in my first-year seminar course, and in my capstone seminar class. The close-knit community of my School allowed me to have more time to collaborate on projects with my peers while also giving me the opportunity to have my questions answered more regularly and more personally by my professors

MA thesis: From China to Canada: The Identity Formation of Chinese-Canadian Adoptees.