Photo of Anne Trepanier

Anne Trepanier

Research Fellow

Short Bio: Anne Trepanier is an Assistant Professor in the School of Canadian Studies at Carleton University. She is interested in national identity and the national capitals of Canada (Ottawa-Québec City), national representations in public history, Québec’s political and cultural history, and the relationship between Québec Studies and Canadian Studies. In 2013, Anne was the recipient of a Carleton Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Teaching Award.

Research: Special dossier “Just Watch Me”: Les faces cachées de la crise d’octobre 1970. Compiled by Anne Trépanier et Patrizia Gentile. Quebec studies, n. 55. 2013; Book review : David Meren, With Friends Like These: Entangled Nationalisms and the Canada-Quebec-France Triangle, 1944-1970, Vancouver, University of British Columbia Press, 2012, Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development (Routledge, 2013); L’identité de la société, un questionnement entre unité et permanence  about Jacques Beauchemin, La société des identités:  Éthique et politique dans le monde contemporain, Argument (2006), vol. 8, n.1, p. 127-133.