About the CCPH

In 2002, members of the Department of History working in the field of public history created the Carleton Centre for Public History (CCPH). The Centre’s emergence coincided with the creation of the MA in Public History. The main focus of the CCPH between 2002 and 2006 was to bring historians working in the field together and to develop a real and virtual presence in the public history community.

In 2006, the CCPH became a Carleton University Research Centre and the following year, the mission statement and mandate of the Centre was revised in order to broaden its scope and disciplinary breadth. While we continue to reach out to develop ties with public historians outside of the academy, we also believe that it is important to consider public history as a site of interdisciplinary research, concerned with the theoretical and practical questions that surround the presentation of culture, memory, and history in the public sphere.

The CCPH promotes interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration through a variety of projects and activities. We strive to facilitate contact and exchanges between Carleton faculty and the wider community of public historians, museum professionals, curators, and archivists. And we support graduate students in public history and related fields in their research by providing them with networking opportunities with other researchers and scholars, both inside and outside of the academy.

If you have any questions or inquiries on research associate status, becoming a graduate researcher, or pursuing institutional/organizational liaisons and/or collaborative projects, please contact the CCPH research assistant, Amie Wright, or the CCPH co-directors, David Dean and John C. Walsh.

Contact Us: centreforpublichistory@cunet.carleton.ca