Performing History, Performing Heritage: Photos of the E.B. Eddy Complex

In July 2014 a group of volunteer photographers from the Workers’ History Museum (WHM) began creating a stunning visual archive to capture and preserve the histories and memories of spaces where thousands once worked at the E.B. Eddy pulp and paper plant. When the project came to an end they had taken 73,000 images and 36 hours of video.

In 2015 the Carleton Centre for Public History was proud to join with the Museum to curate the first exhibit of these photographs in the Department of History, 4th floor, Paterson Hall. The curatorial team consisted of CCPH co-director David Dean, Paul Harrison (photographer, WHM), Sara Nixon (MA, Public History, 2015), Barb Stewart (WHM) and designers André Mersereau and Jennifer Comacchio of Chapter One Studio.

The photographs that hang from these walls are not passive. They do not freeze time nor are they simply captured snapshots. They act to create new histories and new meanings with each viewing, and with each viewer. They perform history; they perform heritage.” (From the exhibit catalogue created by Sara Nixon and David Dean)

The exhibit ran from November 2015 until December 2016. Thanks to the generosity of the Museum, selected images from the exhibit occasionally make a re-appearance along the corridors of the fourth floor of Paterson Hall.