Cultural Memory Workshops (Tonya Davidson, David Dean, Rebecca Dolgoy)

The Cultural Memory Workshops are regular get-togethers (open to the public) where we explore questions of cultural memory. We are always looking for new ideas!

Performing History, Performing Heritage: Photos of the E.B. Eddy Complex

In 2015, the Carleton Centre for Public History was proud to join with the Worker’s History Museum to curate the first exhibit of photos of the E.B. Eddy pulp and paper plant. The curatorial team consisted of CCPH co-director David Dean, Paul Harrison (photographer, WHM), Sara Nixon (MA, Public History, 2015), Barb Stewart (WHM) and designers André Mersereau and Jennifer Comacchio of Chapter One Studio.

Placing Memory and Remembering Place in Canada

In 2008, the Centre’s James Opp and John C. Walsh held a SSHRC–funded, interdisciplinary workshop on the interconnected themes of place and memory in Canada. The workshop led to a volume of essays described by UBC’s Julie Cruickshank as “rich contributions to our understanding of memory and forgetting.”