Photo of Chloe Dennis

Chloe Dennis

Degrees:BA Honours History, Minor in Religion and CO-OP (Carleton University), MA Public History (Carleton University)

Chloe Dennis is a current M.A. Public History student at Carleton. She is also a recent graduate of Carleton’s BA Honours History program with a minor in Religion and CO-OP. Her research interests include history of the body; public history; women’s and gender history; disability history; religion; early modern and nineteenth-century history.

Chloe’s current research focuses on Beechwood Cemetery in Ottawa and how it functions as a public history space and the way in which bodies – both dead and alive – interact with this space and how the space interacts with bodies. As part of this research, Chloe will examine the embodied experiences of visiting Beechwood, how bodies are remembered or forgotten, and to what extent are bodies made visible or invisible in the cemetery space.

Currently, Chloe is a Teaching Assistant in the History department and a Research Assistant for the Carleton University Disability Research Group (CUDRG).