Lina Crompton


Degrees:BA History (Minor in Cultural Studies) (Honours) - McGill University, MA Public History - Carleton University
Bio Lina Crompton is an MA Public History graduate from Carleton University. She is currently a Program Officer for SSHRC-CRSH.
Research Originally from Ottawa, her research interests tend toward the national. The major research essay component of her degree investigated the National Film Board’s use of history on film during the decades leading up to the centennial celebrations at Expo ’67. In 2011, a paper of hers entitled “Filmic Fabrications: The National Film Board of Canada and a 1950s Production of Identity” was published in Canadian Content, the undergraduate journal of the Canadian Studies department at McGill University. At the 2013 Underhill Colloquium, she presented a paper entitled “The Ideal Immigrant: The National Film Board of Canada and Nation Building, 1951-1961.”

She has published a review of the Canadian Museum of History’s Vodou exhibit on the National Council on Public History’s Public History Commons website.