Photo of Miranda Brandy

Miranda Brandy

Research Fellow

Short Bio: Miranda J. Brady is an associate professor in Communication Studies at Carleton University. She holds a Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University in Mass Communication with a minor in Social Thought. Miranda Brady’s work takes a critical/cultural approach and explores the construction of identity in the media and other highly mediated cultural institutions like museums. In particular, her focus is on race and ethnicity with an emphasis on Indigenous identity. Her recent research has examined Indigenous interventions in historical omissions and the popular media through cultural institutions.

Research: ImagineNATIVE 2012: The Indigenous Film Festival as Ecocinematic Space, Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture, 13(4), 1-26; The Flexible Heterotopia: Indian Residential Schools and the Canadian Museum of Civilization. Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology, (2013) 19(4): 408-420; Media Practices and Painful Pasts: The Public Testimonial in Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Media International Australia (2013), 149: 128-138; Decolonize Wall Street! Situating Indigenous Critiques of the Occupy Wall Street Movement. American Communication Journal (2012) 14(3): 1-10 (co-authored with Antoine, D.); Wind Power! Marketing Renewable Energy on Tribal Lands and the Struggle for Just Sustainability. Local Environment (2012), 12(2): 147-166 (co-authored with Salma Monani).