Photo of Peter Hodgins

Peter Hodgins

Research Fellow

Short Bio: Peter Hodgins is Associate Professor in the Carleton School of Canadian Studies. His research interests include the politics and poetics of public memory in Canada, Canadian cultural nationalism, Canadian cultural studies.

Research: Settling and Unsettling Memories: Essays in Canadian Public History—Book co-edited with Nicole Neatby (2012) University of Toronto Press; “Our Haunted Present: Cultural Memory in Question”, in Topia: the Canadian Journal of Canadian Cultural Studies (Fall 2004: vol.12). pp. 99-108; “The Haunted Terroir: Memory, Language, Landscape and Identity in Francis Leclerc’s Mémoires Affectives”. The British Journal of Canadian Studies 22, 2 (September, 2009), 215-34; “Immunize-Nation: Hollywood Contagion and the Heritage Minutes”.The Southern Review of Canadian Studies. (winter/spring 2011); “Taking the Romance out of Extraction: contemporary Canadian artists and the subversion of the romantic/extractive gaze” with Peter Thompson. Environmental Communication (Fall 2011); “The Haunted Dollhouses of Diana Thorneycroft” Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures (Spring 2011); “Make them endure, give them space”: on the loss of academic cynicism” Emotion, Space and Society (in press); “Presenting Canada to the Scientific Gaze” International Journal of Canadian Studies: special issue on tourism and middlebrow culture in early 20th century Canada (accepted/in press).