The Department of Production Engineering, National Institute of Technology- Trichy, is organizing a Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute (SICI) [Golden Jubilee Conference and Lecture Series Grant [GJCLSG] Sponsored online Lecture on

E-waste Refurbishing: Trends, Issues and Challenges
25 FEBRUARY, 2021

Reuse of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is deemed the best end-of-life option in terms of environmental impact and socio-economic benefits. Prod­ uct, process, supply and demand related fac­ tors influence WEEE reuse. Studies on as­ sessing reuse potential of WEEE have re­ ceived much attention in recent years. Reuse represents the recovery of an end-of-use pro­ duct/ component and putting that product back in use through the shortest path such as direct reuse and reuse after repair and other pathways such as refurbish, remanufacture and repurpose. Adopting WEEE reuse pro­ motes product circulation while delaying the onset of obsolescence and slows the purchase of new products. Reuse of WEEE could reduce the burden on landfill and increase the employment opportunities paving the way for green environment.

This lecture series focuses on the following topics relevant to WEEE reuse:

  • Research opportunities on WEEE reuse
  • Supply chain challenges on WEEE reuse
  • E-waste rules, regulations and policies on reuse
  • Models for economic and environmental analysis of WEEE reuse

Faculty, scholars and students from Shastri Indo­ Canadian Institute (IMC) [Indian Member Insti­ tutions (; Canadian Member Institutions (] and technical institutions approved by AICTE are eligible. Also participants from e-waste processing industry are eligible to attend the programme.

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Program Coordinator
Dr. Prasanna Venkatesan
Associate Professor
Dept. of Production Engg.
National Institute of Technoogy Tiruchirappalli – 620015