Institutional Partnership Agreements

Carleton International processes institutional MOUs with universities and other organizations from around the world on behalf of Faculties. These accords support capacity-building, research, mobility, and other forms of academic partnerships. They are required for formalization purposes to support advanced discussions, which lead to concrete international initiatives. They articulate and clarify the working terms agreed upon by all parties involved. Carleton International manages over 100 institutional MOUs in over 40 countries.

The primary aim of any MOU is to advance Carleton’s academic and research goals as set out in the Strategic Integrated Plan and the International Strategic Plan. Agreements should specify:

  • Fit with Carleton’s strategic direction
  • Objectives and limitations
  • Academic and/or research compatibility among parties
  • Responsible departments at both institutions
  • Short- and long-term benefits and risks
  • Resource implications (e.g., financial)
  • Timeframe of agreement

For any questions, please contact:

Ridhima Peravali
International Outreach Manager
Carleton International