The International Research Mobility Experience (IRME) project offers eligible undergraduate students enrolled at a CALAREO member institution funding to pursue research internships at participating partner institutions in Latin America, under the supervision of a faculty member at the host institution.

Carleton students are invited to apply for 3-4 month funded research internships in Mexico and Colombia.

Internship opportunities are available in a wide range of academic disciplines, including science and technology, social sciences, education, and business. Funding will be awarded based on the first four applications that meet eligibility. The standard award is $6,000 CAD to cover expenses, such as travel and accommodations. Underrepresented students (who self-identify as low-income, Indigenous, or students with disabilities) are eligible to apply for extra support, up to a maximum of $12,000 CAD, which includes support for dependents and/or caregivers.

Student Eligibility

  • Student participants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents
  • Participants must be undergraduate students (part- or full-time studies)
  • Student must have completed or will complete at least 2 years of their program before the internship begins
  • Students must have at least a “B” average (3.0 GPA) for the two semesters preceding the internship
  • Participants must have student status throughout the internship
  • Students must be eligible to receive Carleton co-curricular credit for completion of the internship

How to Apply

Click here for more details and to get your application process started.


Sylvie Jasen
International Projects Coordinator
Carleton International