Virtual research visits are not bound by geographical proximity and allow for continuity and flexibility of some types of research when travel is not possible. They are conducted in web-based working environments using online communication technology tools for collaborating on research problems, projects or various areas of interest. Carleton International can assist potential Carleton faculty members to officially host visiting scholars virtually. The following links are provided as courtesy and for general information only. Items with the * are offered or prepared by Carleton International.

  1. Carleton University Library Access
    1. *Banner ID and Carleton Library Access
    2. Research Assistance (access to research subject area specialists)
    3. Research help guides
    4. Data management sources (CURVE, DATAVERSE)
  2. Digital Collaboration Tools
    1. Web Conferencing at Carleton
    2. Educational Technology Tools for Online Delivery
    3. CU Supported Educational Technologies
    4. IREX Guide: Using Digital Technology for Collaboration (external link)
  3. Conducting Research at Carleton
    1. Funding opportunities
    2. *Student Research Mobility
    3. Ethics approval
    4. Carleton’s research policies
    5. Safeguarding your Research
  4. Connecting with Carleton
    1. CUx- Carleton’s Student Life Experiences
    2. Mental Health and Wellbeing resources

Steps to formally host a virtual visiting scholar

  1. Faculty host and virtual scholar complete Visiting Scholar Virtual Visit Request Form (Research Only)  and forward it to School/Department head for approval, who will then forward it to Faculty head for approval.
  2. When the approved Virtual Visit Request Form is received by Carleton International, a letter acknowledging the details of the virtual visit will be issued to document research activities, timeline, any use of Carleton resources and other relevant details.
  3. Carleton International will request an affiliate banner ID number and library access as required. The faculty host’s department will request, when applicable, access to computing or any other online resources as agreed upon between the Faculty host and visiting scholar.

Academic Freedom in Relation to Laws in Other Countries
Faculty hosts and virtual scholars must be aware that virtual scholars living abroad are subject to the laws of their local jurisdiction and that there could be consequences for accessing, discussing, sharing or studying certain subject matter or materials. These consequences could include punitive actions, such as blocking websites and monitoring internet access. We strongly encourage any virtual visiting scholars who may be exposed to this risk to take all necessary precautions so that they do not incur negative personal consequences as result of their research with Carleton. We urge any visiting scholars facing these types of challenges to contact their faculty host immediately about their situation.