Below is a collection of feature stories about the international activities and accomplishments of Carleton’s faculty, staff, and students. Together, they provide a snapshot of our global outreach and reveal why internationalization is such an essential component of the university’s strategic direction.

Collective Memory Along Coastal Croatia: Outbound Mobility to Europe | August 2023
EURUS graduate student Dylan Corbett was awarded funding through the Erasmus+ programme to support his travels to Dubrovnik and enhance his research about Croatian collective memory. Interacting with the people, exploring the city and taking in its history gave Dylan a deeper understanding of how Croatia’s national identity and consciousness was formed and continues to evolve.

Carleton Students Develop Global Skills in Chile | July 2023
In June 2023, two Carleton undergraduate students travelled to Santiago for a two-week internship with the University of Chile. While there, they contributed to a larger initiative on photovoltaic energy. This project allowed them to gain valuable experience in a professional research environment, learn more about renewable energy, and advocate for sustainability.

From the Classroom to Cuba: Urban Studies in Havana | July 2023
In May 2023, 20 Carleton students had the incredible opportunity to travel to Havana, Cuba for a two-week field school in Urban Studies. Through site visits, in-class learning, and self-directed research, its purpose was to challenge assumptions and develop a deeper understanding of the Cuban Revolution through the prism of this one contemporary urban system.

Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program: Visiting Scholar from Colombia Conducts Research at Carleton | May 2023
While most people leave Ottawa for warmer climates during the cold months, Fredy Benavides Vivas spent the winter term at Carleton University conducting research with the Department of Political Science. Fredy is an ELAP scholarship recipient, which provides students from post-secondary institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean with short-term exchange opportunities at a Canadian institution.

Globalink Research Award: Conservation Science in Australia | April 2023
When her supervisor connected her with some former colleagues in Brisbane, Australia, Carleton PhD candidate Allison Binley jumped at the chance to go abroad and expand the scope of her original thesis. Thanks to funding awarded through the Mitacs GRA grant, Allison spent 3 and a half months in 2022 conducting research at the University of Queensland.

Planting Seeds for Probation Reform in Pakistan: International Collaborators Secure Funding to Expand Original Pilot Project | August 2022
In May 2022, Dr. Brown from Carleton and Dr. Bhutta from Punjab, Pakistan, successfully secured an addition $70,000 to further develop and implement their Probation Services and Assessment Plan. This plan is designed to determine the risks of individual women, what personal strengths the can leverage, and what services they require to participate as active citizens post-incarceration.

Pivot to Virtual: Evolution of the Visiting Scholars Program | February 2022
Since 2000, Carleton has hosted roughly 1,500 visiting researchers from over 80 countries and 740 institutions. However, once travel restrictions were introduced as a result of Covid-19, universities across the world faced difficult questions on how best to support international research. As a result, Carleton quickly pivoted to introduce the new Virtual Research Visits program, which encouraged global collaborations in spite of the challenges of the pandemic.

A Morning with Ernő Rubik Revisited | December 2021
Since its initial release in 1980, the Rubik’s Cube has become one of the world’s bestselling puzzle toys at over 450 million units. In November 2021, Carleton International was pleased to host a Rubik’s Cube student competition and a moderated Q&A with the toy’s famed inventor, Professor Ernő Rubik. Jointly organized with the Embassy of Hungary in Canada, this event was both fun and educational.

Research Mobility: Future Opportunities for Carleton Students | December 2021
The Global Skills Opportunity grant offers thousands of post-secondary students the chance to develop global skills, expand their networks, and strengthen their career prospects through valuable international experiences. Born out of the Government of Canada’s International Education Strategy, it aims to promote opportunities for students that are frequently unable to participate in outbound mobility. In late 2021, Carleton was awarded two of these grants.

International Research Mobility Symposium Revisited | May 2021
In March 2021, an audience from around the world gathered on zoom to attend the International Research Mobility Symposium. Divided into several sessions, the symposium featured students who came to Ottawa to study, as well as Carleton students who went abroad. Each speaker presented their projects, while discussing the many benefits of conducting international research.

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