Below is a collection of feature stories about the international activities and accomplishments of Carleton’s faculty, staff, and students. Together, they provide a snapshot of our global outreach and reveal why internationalization is such an essential component of the university’s strategic direction.

Visiting Scholars: Ongoing Collaborations in Telecommunications Engineering | March 2024
Carleton is recognized as a global hub for innovation in wireless communications and networking technology. Contributing to our success in these fields are the visiting scholars who come to our campus every year to collaborate. With access to new resources and expertise, each scholar broadens the scope of their research, while simultaneously elevating Carleton’s global profile.

Carleton PhD Grad Blasts Off With Space Robotics and AI Research | February 2024
With the invention of the Canadarm, Canada has been at the forefront of space robotics since the early 1980s. Almost a decade after its final flight, Collins Ogundipe jumped on this legacy with the goal of pushing the field even further. Funded by the European Space Agency, he engaged in machine learning research designed to enhance the capabilities and efficiency of space robotic manipulators.

Permafrost Thaw: Carleton Researchers Join Effort to Combat Climate Change | January 2024
As the Arctic grows warmer, permafrost (a sublayer of frozen ground) begins to break down, releasing additional carbon into our atmosphere and creating an imbalance within our planet’s natural carbon cycle. Drs. Elyn Humphreys and Murray Richardson from the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies have teamed up with an internationally funded network of experts to address this ongoing crisis.

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