Photo of Heloise Emdon

Heloise Emdon

Manager, International Projects

Phone:613-520-2600 x 8358
Office:4800 ARISE

Heloise Emdon is a research facilitator of international projects, with years of experience in international research development and with development finance institutions. She manages institutional grants, contracts, and awards relating to:

  • All international funding from public and private sources, including subawards to Carleton faculty
  • Canadian earmarked international funds
  • International consortia
  • Facilitating interdisciplinary research opportunities requiring inter-faculty responses
  • International mobility grants for faculty

Her functions include supporting faculty across all stages of international funding:

  • Announcing and targeting international research opportunities
  • Pre-award facilitation of proposals
  • Budgeting, including in-cash and in-kind contributions of proposals
  • Contract review at proposal stage
  • Reviewing and negotiating the terms and conditions of awarded contracts, with regard to institutional commitments, contract employment of research faculty, risk management, intellectual property and copyright, knowledge dissemination, indirect cost of research, etc.
  • Supporting project teams managing international research funds institutionally
  • Issuing subcontracts related to Carleton-managed international research and contract funding