Canada and Germany are key partners in international climate and environmental protection. Both governments have set ambitious targets. Together with the USA, they have re-affirmed their climate cooperation as part of the Transatlantic Climate Bridge 2021.

As in previous years, the German Embassy in Canada aims to fund environmental and climate diplomacy projects under the AA Climate Funds 2022 heading in order   to further enhance the exchange of ideas between government, business, science, civil society and/or other multipliers.

Call for Ideas

The German Embassy in Canada is seeking ideas for climate projects that support the policy orientation and affect the opinion-forming process.

The German Embassy is inviting interested parties to submit ideas via email by April 22, 2022, to:

Ideas should focus on the implementation of climate protection (including resolutions of COP26, G7 and G20) or species protection (including CBD COP 15), such as emissions reduction, adaptation to climate change (e.g.through biodiversity-protecting, nature-based approaches) or dealing with damage and loss. Projects should not solely focus on the field of energy.

The format is flexible, e.g. conferences, workshops, side events, training opportunities, risk analyses, exchanges of German and Canadian experts, networking of think tanks and best practices. To avoid pandemic-related project cancellations, we ask that you design ideas in such a way that they could be carried out virtually, if necessary.

Ideas should contain:

– a short outline (including title, goal [Climate and Security/Climate Protection: Increasing Ambition/Biodiversity/Other], specific objectives & measurable targets, a brief description of planned activities, timeline, availability of co-funding by your institution, potential cooperation with international partners, target group, public and media impact, and strategy).
– a total budget estimate in EUR.
– information on your/your organization’s specific expertise including network and outreach.

Please note that all activities must be completed by Dec. 15, 2022. In principle, the budget for projects should be between € 10,000 and € 50,000.


The German Embassy will assess the ideas and seek funding for a limited number of projects under the climate diplomacy fund. Please note that the selection of a project based on your idea does not automatically imply that you/your organization will be the implementing partner. The choice of the final implementing partner
will be made in line with the relevant funding requirements and legislation. Following our procurement guidelines, the Embassy can be required to source a number of offers for the implementation of specific project proposals depending inter alia on the type and amount of funding required. The relevant follow up steps (allocation contract or procurement process including call for tenders if certain financial limits are exceeded) will be implemented after the German Embassy has received approval for carrying out specific projects under the AA Climate Funds 2022. We ask that you only submit ideas if you agree that other experts/organizations may compete for their implementation. For the idea, as such, there will be no compensation or remuneration.