How to be a university student:  Skills and habits for success 

This is a five-day, non-credit course (Aug 22-26) offered by the Centre for Initiatives in Education for FASS and FPA students.

Focusing on the psychology of academic success, this course is aimed at incoming university students who want a strong start to their university studies. Through a blend of lectures, readings, and workshops, students will learn evidence-based strategies for success in university, with an emphasis on how to develop strong academic skills and habits. Students will enjoy an on-campus university experience, applying their new knowledge in interactive workshops with skilled workshop facilitators who are upper-year university students.

Following completion of the summer portion of the course, students will be equipped with materials and a plan to make the most of the upcoming year. Peer mentors will check in with each student at the middle and end of the Fall and Winter semesters to discuss their academic progress, assist with the formation of strong skills and habits for success, and refer students to additional campus resources if needed.

Incoming students can enroll in the course during Registration in June at a cost of $250. Prospective students will receive an email in the next week describing the course and inviting them to participate.  Postcards also will be mailed to prospective students at the beginning of June as another way to inform both parents and students about this opportunity.

For more information, please contact Anne Bowker, Associate Dean (Students Affairs and Enrolment), Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences: