Contract instructors are part-time academic staff hired to teach on a course-by-course basis. Please check course outlines for instructors stated office hours/location and preferred method of contact.

Jacqueline Briggs CRCJ 2200
Julia Chan CRCJ 4002
David Cochrane CRCJ 4001
Logan Ewanation CRCJ 3001
Ellen Faulkner CRCJ 2200, CRCJ 3202, CRCJ 4001, CRCJ 4002
Adina Ilea CRCJ 1000
Decky Kipuka Kabongi CRCJ 3001
Erin McCuaig-Lambrinakos CRCJ 3002
Thana Ridha CRCJ 4002
Lori Stinson CRCJ 2100, CRCJ 3201, CRCJ 3202
Susan Yamamoto CRCJ 4100