Photo of Alexander McClelland

Alexander McClelland

Assistant Professor

Degrees:Ph.D., Department of Humanities, Interdisciplinary Centre on Culture and Society, Concordia University; Masters of Environmental Studies, York University
Phone:613-520-2600 ext. 3353
Office:DT 1714 Dunton Tower

Research Interests

  • Critical social science
  • Violence
  • Surveillance
  • Criminalization
  • Policing
  • Anarchism
  • Qualitative research
  • Research ethics
  • Critical public health
  • Public criminology

Select Funding

SSHRC Insight Development Grant, 2022-2024. Experiences of the Social Organization of HIV-Related Public Health Risks.
CIHR Community-Based HIV Research Grant, 2022-2023. Mapping the pathway of blood collected from HIV-positive people in a clinical setting: implications for public health surveillance, consent, and criminalization.
SSHRC Partnership Development Grant, Carleton University, 2021-2024. Tracking (In)Justice Tracking (In)Justice: a publicly accessible online database of police-involved and carceral deaths across Canada.
SSHRC Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2019-2020. Confidentiality, anonymity & epistemological exclusion: challenges & strategies for realizing ethical & inclusive research.


McClelland. (2024). Criminalized Lives: HIV and Legal Violence. Rutgers University Press.

Select Refereed Journal Articles

S. Molldrem, A. K.J Smith, A. McClelland. (2022). Predictive analytics in HIV surveillance require new approaches to data ethics, rights, and regulation in public health. Critical Public Health. 1-8.
T. Hoppe, A. McClelland, K. Pass. (2022). Beyond criminalization: reconsidering HIV criminalization in an era of reform. Current Opinion on HIV and AIDS. 1-6.
A. McClelland & C. Bruckert. (2021). Ethics and Confidentiality: Reflections and Lessons Learned Post-Parent and Bruckert v R and Magnotta. Journal of Law and Society. 1-22.
M. Molldrem, M. Hussain, A. McClelland. (2021). Alternatives to sharing COVID-19 data with law enforcement: recommendations for stakeholders. Health Policy. 1-15.
A. McClelland & A. Luscombe. (2021). Policing the Pandemic: Counter-mapping Policing Responses to COVID-19 across Canada. The Annual Review of Interdisciplinary Justice Research, Volume 10, 2021, 195-231.
E.J. Bernard, A. McClelland, B. Cardell, C. Chung, M. Castro-Bojorquez, M. French, D. Hursey, N. Khanna, B. Minalga, A. Spieldenner, S. Strub. (2020). We are people, not clusters! American Journal of Bioethics.
A. McClelland. (2019). “Lock This Whore Up”: Legal violence and flows of information precipitating personal violence against people criminalized for HIV-related crimes in Canada. In M. French & L. Letourneau (Eds.), Special issue on Big Data and Risk Regulation, European Journal of Risk Regulation. 10(1): 132-147.
A. McClelland, A. Guta & M. Gagnon. (2019). The rise of Molecular Surveillance: ethical, criminalization & rights implications. Critical Public Health. 30(4):487-493.

Select Refereed Book Chapters

A. McClelland. (2022). Histories of living in a negative relation to the law: resistance under regimes of criminalization. In E. van der Meulen, J. Monaghan, and K. Fritsch (Eds.), Disability Injustice: Examining Criminalization in Canada: 1-24. University of British Columbia Press.
A. McClelland. (2021). Old Testament. In M.B. Syacmore (Ed.), Between certain death and a possible future: queer writing on growing up with the AIDS crisis. 150-160. Arsenal Pulp Press.
A. McClelland & Z. Dodd. (2021). Thoughts on an Anarchist Response to Hepatitis C and HIV. In Z. Sharman, The Care We Dream Of: liberatory and transformative approaches to LGBTQ+ health. 119-134. Arsenal Pulp Press.
A. McClelland. (2020). We Can’t Police Our Way out of a Pandemic. In, Sick of the System Why the COVID-19 recovery must be revolutionary, Between the Lines.


CRCJ 2200: Contemporary Issues in Criminology

CRCJ 3110: Policing & Public Health

CRCJ 4001: Anarchism and Abolition