About CRIW Ignite! COVID-19 Special Funding

CRIW Ignite! COVID-19 Special Funding is a supplement to CRIW Ignite! Research Grant. It provides up to $5,000 to fund up to four (4) research projects examining the impact of the COVID-19 response on workplace inclusion. The COVID-19 pandemic has made traditionally underrepresented groups within the workplace even more vulnerable and made the impact of social inequalities more visible. CRIW Ignite! COVID-19 Special Funding aims to help advance CRIW’s mission: “To conduct and share research that advances diversity, equity and inclusion at work.”

The grant application intake is now closed. For details on the research projects funded, please see the grant award announcement.


Successful applications will:

  1. have a faculty member at the Sprott School of Business as Principal Investigator (PI)
  2. produce a tangible outcome at the end of 18 months, including but not limited to: a grant proposal, a working paper, a case study, a workshop, a peer-reviewed publication or other knowledge mobilization initiative
  3. target practical advances in the area of inclusion at work in light of the COVID-19 pandemic

Submission guidelines

To apply for CRIW Ignite! COVID-19 Special Funding, please submit a project proposal to criw@carleton.ca, containing the following:

  • 2-page project summary, including:
    • project description, objectives, start date and duration, methodology, and knowledge mobilization plan (if appropriate), clearly indicating how the research addresses inclusion in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • list of research team (if applicable) and/or partners (if any), discussing expertise and complementarity
    • role of graduate student(s) and outcomes of project participation
    • short budget justification
    • deliverables and milestones
  • bibliographic references
  • a copy of all researchers’ CVs


  • Grant recipients are expected to contribute to CRIW’s knowledge-sharing efforts by providing project information for placement on CRIW’s website and for use in other outreach initiatives.
  • A researcher cannot be Principal Investigator in two grants but can be a collaborator in more than one grant.
  • CRIW’s support should be acknowledged in any publications and a copy of the publications should be provided for CRIW’s records.

Budget information

The following costs are ineligible for CRIW grants:

  • research conducted under contract with a public institution, private agency or firm
  • funds for travel, except expenses for data collection related to the project
  • equipment purchases
  • contributions to university overhead
  • hospitality, entertainment and/or honoraria (unless clearly specified as part of a knowledge mobilization or data collection initiative)
  • costs associated with the development of courses
  • costs incurred before the grant is awarded

Important dates

CRIW Ignite! COVID-19 Special Funding has no application deadline or funding award date. Funding is provided on a first-come-first-serve basis to proposals that meet the grant criteria.


For more information, please contact CRIW at criw@carleton.ca.

Recipients of CRIW Ignite! COVID-19 Special Funding

  • The Changing Nature of Work due to COVID-19 – Linda Schweitzer, Sean Lyons and Katarina Lauch
  • The Effect of Regional Culture on Social Distancing and Business Activities During the Pandemic – Alan Cai and Zhilin Yang
  • The Impact of COVID-19 on Brick-and-Mortar Retail Workers – Nada Elnahla and Leighann Neilson
  • Weathering the Storm Alone: Examining the Impact of COVID-19 on the Psychological and Job-related Well-being of Single Working Mothers – Angela Dionisi, Kathryne Dupré and Chelsie Smith

For details on the research projects funded, please see the grant award announcement.