Research Focus

Immigrants are critical to sustain Canada’s economic growth, mitigating labor shortages associated with population aging and low birth rate. In the global war for talent, organizations able to leverage multiple sources of ability are better positioned to succeed in a global economic environment. Despite the critical role immigrants play in Canada’s economic growth and organizational success, low levels of labor market integration of immigrants persist.

CRIW’s Immigrant Participation at Work research stream looks at individual, organizational and societal level factors supporting or hindering the integration of immigrants in the labor market. Current research projects are exploring the following research questions:  What organizational practices support immigrant inclusion and belonging in the workplace? What is the role of professional employment support in facilitating immigrant career success? What is the role of various types of social networks in facilitating social and work adjustment? What are the barriers and strategies to facilitate youth immigrant access to quality employment? How do immigrants portray their migration experiences in public narratives? How can technology facilitate immigrant integration?

By contributing to knowledge about immigrant participation at work, CRIW aims to drive change towards higher labour market participation of immigrants in Canada.

head shot of Luciara “Society as a whole is at a disadvantage when immigrant talent is underutilized. I am working on research to help eliminate barriers to immigrant integration and increase inclusion in Canadian workplaces.”

Dr. Luciara Nardon, Professor of International Business, Sprott School of Business

Research projects

2021 Project Title Project Lead (PI)
Sub-Saharan African Immigrant Women’s Lived Experiences of Labour Market Integration, Occupational Discrimination and Systemic Employment Barriers in Ontario Dr. Diane Isabelle
2020 Project Title Project Lead (PI)
COVID-19 and Immigrant Women (abstract) Dr. Aliya Kuzhabekova
Factors Facilitating Work Integration of Immigrants in Canada Dr. Daniel Gulanowski
2019 Project Title Project Lead (PI)
An Analysis of the Career and Employment Development Experiences of Canadian Immigrant Youth Dr. Aliya Kuzhabekova
Understanding Resourcing Concerns of Women Immigrant Entrepreneurs Dr. Diane Isabelle
‘Negotiating Canada’s Immigration and Labour Market Landscape: The Case of Nigerian Women Economic Migrants in Ontario’ (abstract) Dr. Megan Gaucher


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Research Library

When Context Matters: What Happens to International Theory When Researchers Study Refugees

Authors: Betina Szkudlarek, Luciara Nardon, Joyce Osland, Nancy Adler and Eun Su Lee
Publication type: Article
Keywords: Careers, Global and cross-cultural careers, Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations, Diversity management, International & cross-cultural HR management
Status: In press

Academic Abstract / Research Highlights

Unveiling the Canvas Ceiling: A Multidisciplinary Literature Review of Refugee Employment and Workforce Integration

Authors: Eun Su Lee, Betina Szkudlarek, Duc Cuong Nguyen and Luciara Nardon
Publication type: Article
Keywords: Refugees, Workforce integration, Literature review, Barriers to employment
Date: 2020

Academic Abstract / Research Highlights

Improving Immigrant Inclusion in the Workplace

Luciara Nardon, Aliya Kuzhabekova, Hui Zhang
Publication type: Report
Status: Published
Date: 2019

Full Report

Becoming Canadian: Immigrant Narratives of Professional Attainment

Ursula E. Moffitt, Luciara Nardon, Hui Zhang
Publication type: Article
Keywords: Inclusion, National identity, Identity work, Markers of inclusion, Immigrants, Master narratives
Status: Published
Date: 2019

Academic Abstract / Research Highlights