Effective engagement of a diverse talent pool is essential for sustained economic growth, meeting labor needs, and increasing the quality of life all Canadians. CRIW’s research activities focus on advancing diversity, equity and inclusion at work. In particular, we are interested in researching and sharing knowledge that facilitates work engagement and career progression of marginalized and underrepresented groups, including Black, Indigenous and people of colour (BIPOC), immigrants, women, individuals with disabilities, LGBTQ2+ and youth, among others.

We recognize that inclusion at work is a complex phenomenon and requires research at micro, meso, and macro levels of analysis. We are not only interested in individuals’ experiences, but also understanding employers’ management practices and government policies that support a diverse workforce. Our research is interdisciplinary and relies on multiple methodological approaches and paradigms.

Research streams

Acknowledgement of main donor

CRIW’s research activities and knowledge-sharing efforts are possible, in part, through the generous support from the RBC Foundation, who in 2013 pledged to provide CRIW with a $1 million grant over ten years. This funding is providing opportunities for research. We are extremely grateful for the RBC Foundation’s help in making our work possible.

Getting involved

CRIW is actively building a network of scholars, Sprott graduate students and the broader community to pursue a broad range of research interests and seek innovative solutions towards more inclusive workplaces. If you are interested in getting involved, please email CRIW at or indicate your interest through CRIW’s signup form.