Over the last several years, CRIW has increased its efforts to support projects bringing attention to the experiences of those from underserved, and equity-deserving communities. Recognizing that much research ignores the varied and distinct realities of diverse workers, the Center and its affiliates are seeking to advocate for, and raise the profile of, diverse employees. Within CRIW’s research stream, Supporting Equity-Deserving Groups at Work, scholars are currently exploring the workplace experiences of Black, Indigenous and peoples of colour, those with disabilities, precarious workers, international students, single working mothers, and youth (to name a few). Offering a wide array of research questions and methodologies – and often through an intersectional lens – this collection of ongoing work seeks to close damaging gaps in knowledge around the organizational realities of diverse individuals, thus advancing the needs of all employees.

Research projects

2022 Project Title Project Lead (PI)
How Experiential Learning can Lead to Successful Transitions to Leadership Roles for International MBA Students Dr. Andrew Webb
2021 Project Title Project Lead (PI)
Just Transitions, EDI, Work and the Workplace Dr. Rick Colbourne
Do Social Enterprises Achieve Higher Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Goals? A Scoping Review of the Empirical Evidence Dr. Leighann Neilson
Workplace Mistreatment Among Those Living with Disabilities: A Scoping Review Dr. Angela Dionisi
A Critical Literature Review of Academic Research on EDI in the Accounting Profession Dr. Merridee Bujaki
Indigenous and Anti-Colonial Approaches to Impact Measurement Dr. Katherine Ruff
2020 Project Title Project Lead (PI)
Examining the Gendered Nature of Mental Health Issues, Leaves of Absence and Return to Work Experiences of Professional Workers from a Comparative Perspective (project description) Dr. Merridee Bujaki
Cross-sector Social Partnerships to Facilitate Operational Success of MLSE LaunchPad Dr. Andrew Webb
Indigenous Perspectives on Creating a Better System to Support and Encourage Indigenous Employment in the Canadian Banking Sector (project description) Dr. Merridee Bujaki