CRIW is committed to a supportive environment to stimulate collaboration among graduate students, academics, staff and the general community. To this end, we host a series of research events and activities.

Research Roundtables

CRIW is organizing a series of research roundtables were researchers and stakeholders meet to discuss their recent work and seek opportunities for collaboration.

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Research Events

CRIW organizes periodic workshops and panel discussions to facilitate research on equity, diversity and inclusion. Past events include Demystifying Literature Reviews, where Dr. Kuzhabekova discussed strategies on how to prepare a literature review for academic work.

For more information, please visit CRIW’s Events page.

Emerging Scholars Conferences

The Emerging Scholars conferences aim to encourage interdisciplinary discussion, exchange of ideas, and collaboration among scholars who explore equity issues at work as they pertain to traditionally underrepresented populations. These conferences are geared towards graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, as well as faculty early in their careers or new to research on equity, diversity and inclusion.

For more information about our next event, please visit the Early Career Researcher Conference page.

CRIW Writing Exchange Workshop

CRIW Writing Exchange Workshop provides opportunities for authors exploring workplace equity, diversity and inclusion to present their draft working papers and receive feedback from experienced scholars, peers and researchers affiliated with CRIW. The aim is to help participants in the process of preparing a working paper for a journal submission. CRIW Writing Exchange Workshop provides a rare and valuable opportunity for workplace inclusion researchers to benefit from supportive interactions with reviewers and peers.

For more information, please visit the CRIW Writing Exchange Workshop page.

Writing Retreats

CRIW’s Writing Retreats were held to support women academics with their writing process. These retreats created focused space for women to gather and write and support each other.

At this moment CRIW is re-evaluating the Writing Retreats and seeking inclusive approaches to allow these retreats to continue.

Inclusion at Work Research Forums

The annual Inclusion at Work Research Forum brings together scholars and practitioners for a day of dialogue. The first component of the forum is devoted to the Early Career Research Conference, where presentations on equity, diversity and inclusion are given by graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and faculty early in their careers or new to research in the field. The second component of the forum consists of research and practice conversations, where scholars and practitioners are invited for exchange of ideas, dinner and networking activities.

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Discovery Days

Discovery Days create opportunities for researchers and members of the boarder community to exchange ideas. The events can take the shape of panel discussions, speaker series or roundtables, among others. CRIW is interested in partnering with businesses, nonprofits and government to organize research-practice exchanges.

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