cuCollab is deprecated: New cuCollab sites are no longer being created Existing cuCollab sites will remain accessible as long the server remains operational, but no new memberships should be expected to be added. 

Carleton committees and working groups are encouraged to consider the use of Microsoft Teams, which provides a superset of cuCollab capabilities for document sharing, collaboration, and online meetings. The Service Desk can provide consulting on the use of MS Teams, as well as assistance in migrating files from cuCollab to Teams.


The cuCollab service is run as a self-service support model. This means that cuCollab is not directly supported by the CCS Service Desk and users need to support themselves as best they can via this website.

You should NOT contact the CCS Service Desk for a cuCollab issue, unless the system is down and not accessible.

You can request support below, but before doing so it is expected that you:

Support response expectations

Please be aware that a response from the support form below could take 3-7 business days. The response may or may not resolve the issue.

Support Request Form