Carleton University is host to students, staff, and faculty from various racial, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds. The University has made a commitment to fostering social responsibility and respect in a community rich with diverse cultures, faiths, and world views. Equity Services endeavours to ensure that every member of the University community is able to work, study, and live in an environment free from prejudice, discrimination, and harassment. Equity Services plays a key role in the neutral and impartial implementation of the Carleton University Human Rights Policies and Procedures and the Ontario Human Rights Code.

The University prohibits discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, colour, and place of origin, ethnic origin, ancestry, citizenship, creed, or political affiliation. The University recognizes that racialized and ethnocultural groups may encounter barriers to full participation. Equity Services takes a proactive approach in addressing these issues through anti-racism education, elimination of barriers, and policy development. In the event of concerns or complaints of racial discrimination and/or harassment, Equity Services provides impartial advice and assistance with the goal of ensuring concerns are addressed early and at the informal stage

Our services are available to all members of the Carleton University community, such as individuals, student organizations, campus groups, departments, ancillary services, and classes. Equity Services works collaboratively with University community members so that together there is a strengthened effort towards peace, partnership, and positive ethnocultural relations.

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