Plans and Institutionally-Endorsed Reports

Carleton’s commitment to Anti-Black Racism and Black Inclusion is articulated through the documents and reports listed below.

EDI Action Plan

Carleton’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan outlines ways to reimagine curricular and pedagogical practices, and commits to further enhancing student supports, research infrastructure, leadership development for academic and non-academic staff, organizational culture and more.

Scarborough Charter

Carleton is among more than 40 universities across Canada that have signed and endorsed the Scarborough Charter on Anti-Black Racism and Black Inclusion in Canadian Higher Education.

UN International Decade for People of African Descent

Carleton joins the global community in recognizing the United Nations (UN) International Decade for People of African Descent.

Anti-Black Racism and Black Inclusion Email List

This is a listserve for Carleton University faculty, librarians, and administrative staff who identify as Black. This list is where you will receive updates from the university committee addressing Black inclusion and anti-Black racism. We’re excited to share with you resources, updates and new initiatives that are helping us build a campus that embraces diversity and empowers all members of the Carleton community.


Faculty Advisors, Anti-Black Racism and Black Inclusion


Profs. Audra A. Diptée (History) and Nduka Otiono (African Studies) were appointed as Faculty Advisors on Anti-Black Racism and Black Inclusion, effective July 1, 2022 as part of Carleton’s commitment to implement the Scarborough Charter, and in support of building faculty-specific initiatives. Profs. Diptée and Otiono collaborate with senior leaders on initiatives such as: increasing Black representation, particularly among faculty ranks; fostering a sense of belonging and supporting Black student excellence; enhancing Black Studies curriculum and pedagogy; and increasing training opportunities against anti-Black racism for members of the Carleton community.

Adura Diptee

Prof. Audra Diptée

Prof. Audra Diptée is an associate professor in the Department of History whose research focuses on Africa and the Caribbean, slavery and race relations; critical applied history and historical consciousness; children and childhood; race, power, memory and identity in Global South contexts. She is also the coordinator of Carleton’s Latin American and Caribbean Studies program.


Nduka Otiono

Prof. Nduka Otiono

Prof. Nduka Otiono is an associate professor in the Institute of African Studies whose interdisciplinary research focuses on popular urban narratives in postcolonial Africa and how they travel across multiple popular cultural platforms such as the news media, film, popular music and social media. He also serves as as director of the Institute of African Studies.



Anti-Black Racism and Black Inclusion Feedback

Share your insights and suggestions on Anti-Black Racism and Black Inclusion at Carleton University.

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Departments, Programming and Spaces

Campus Resources and Initiatives

Naming of Teraanga Commons

Teraanga CommonsCarleton engaged African, Caribbean and Black communities in the process to name Residence Commons, a central building that is a hub of student life on campus. The new name, Teraanga Commons (pronounced tare-ang-gah), is a Senegalese name from the Wolof language that means sharedness, civility and honour where generosity of spirit is emphasized.

Black History Month Resources and Events

Celebrate Black History MonthDuring Black History Month, people in Canada celebrate the many achievements and contributions of Black people and their communities. Members of the Carleton community mark this month annually in a variety of ways. While this is an important moment to mark annually, Carleton recognizes that Black inclusion must be an everyday, year-round priority.



Networks and Mentoring