The Department of Equity and Inclusive Communities (EIC) contributes and or leads a number of pan-university decision-making and advisory bodies. We have listed just a few.

Carleton University AODA Task Force

The Carleton University AODA Task force is responsible to implement and monitor the university’s obligations under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) managed principally through the creation and of a Multi-year Accessibility Plan.

Carleton University Indigenous Strategic Initiatives Committee (CUISIC)

Over the course of the 2018-2019 academic year, the Carleton University Indigenous Strategic Initiatives Committee (CUISIC) will facilitate widespread engagement sessions in order to develop a set of Carleton-specific recommendations as part of an institutional response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report. CUISIC is committed to engaging all members of the Carleton community and beyond to ensure that these recommendations, and subsequent action plan, create spaces for dialogue and relationship-building.

Equity Policy Committee

Carleton is committed to recruiting and attracting the broadest spectrum of expertise, knowledge and experience necessary to promote the best decision-making, and accelerate the kinds of research, teaching, and work excellence that drives the academic mission. The Equity Policy Committee is responsible to monitor and advance the university’s employment equity obligations under the Federal Contractor’s Program and to make recommendations to assess and improve our progress towards eliminating barriers and removing conditions of disadvantage in employment.

Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Committee

The Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Committee (SVPEC) is principally responsible for assessing and making recommendations about the sufficiency of Carleton University’s sexual violence policy and the effectiveness of current programs and services to combat sexual violence on campus. The SVPEC also drives the development of the Campus Sexual Violence Prevention Strategy, and recommends proposals with regard to sexual violence prevention and awareness, initiatives and programs. As this committee is non policy-making body, some issues may require referral to other bodies within the University community.

The Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Committee is currently accepting applications to fill a vacant Faculty Member position on the SVPEC steering committee. To find out more about the Committee’s purpose, composition and terms of reference, please visit our website. Interested candidates should send a letter of intent to Bailey Reid, Coordinator of Sexual Assault Support Services at Thank you!

Strategic Integrated Planning Committee

The Strategic Integrated Planning Committee oversees both short- and long-term planning at the University. Its work includes the important process of consulting the Carleton community through the Strategic Planning Task Force to gather feedback and ideas that will inform the next Strategic Integrated Plan.

Working Group on Student Success

The Working Group on Student Success was struck in June 2019 with a mandate to inquire and to make recommendations concerning 5 themes (1) better understanding of student demographics and experience, (2) Curriculum design and alignment of learning outcomes, assessment and instructional strategies, (3) Teaching culture, (4) Teaching Large Classrooms and (5) Broader institutional policies.