Carleton University’s success, now and into the future, must be built upon the best information, evidence, and data available about the experience of all our students, faculty, and staff through the lens of equity, inclusion, and Indigenous ways of knowing and learning. To support this goal, one of the first priorities determined in the EDI Action Plan is the need to internally collect disaggregated demographic data for all students, faculty, and staff.

Your participation will:

  • Build a picture of the diversity and representation on campus
  • Identify gaps and inequities across campus, helping to Inform future inclusive programming
  • Foster an environment where everyone feels they belong

Please review your summary of responses provided at the end of the survey before clicking submit

Faculty and Staff Complete the Survey through Carleton Central

Students Complete the Survey through Carleton360

For more information about the Self-Identification Survey including privacy and confidentiality, please read our Frequently Asked Questions below.