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Banner image for ESP Advising Bulletin: April 27, 2023

ESP Advising Bulletin: April 27, 2023

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Win a CU prize pack by filling out your ESP survey

We want your feedback, ESP students – please fill out the student survey before May 8!

You could win a prize in our Instagram contest!

Hey current ESP Students!! Do you want to win a CU prize pack? Just …

  1. fill out the student survey sent to your school emails
    • search your Carleton email for “ESP Student Survey Winter 2023”
    • follow the link, complete the survey
  2. be following @carleton.esp, and
  3. send a screenshot of the confirmation you get once you finish the survey to our DM!

Good luck with your studies!

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Financial support for those taking summer courses

Besides OSAP, there are a few additional financial supports available to students who are enrolled in summer courses this year.

  1. Bursary: Students who are receiving government financial aid (OSAP or other provincial student loan funding) for the summer term can apply for a bursary. The application opens May 4 in Carleton Central. Here are instructions on “how to apply” (simply select “Summer 2023 instead of “Fall/Winter”).
  2. UPASS request: The UPASS is automatically included with summer fees if you take 1.0 credit or more. If you are studying online only, or reside outside the service area, you can apply to opt-out and cancel the fee.

ESP and SAT/UNS grades

Due to the labour disruption, Carleton’s Senate passed some compassionate grading policies that will apply to courses ending this term.

What are the options?

  1. UNS: Unsatisfactory (UNS) grades will replace any failing or F grade (0-49%) for this term.
  2. SAT: You can apply to convert any of this term’s grades to Satisfactory (SAT).
    • You can only apply to convert a grade to SAT after the grade is posted and before the deadline of May 29, 2023.

Why would this help?

A SAT grade allows you to earn the credit (or half credit) and has these advantages:

This is a good option if you have a low grade in a course.

But how would that affect qualifying for a degree? 

Even if you convert a grade to SAT, or have an F that’s converted to UNS, your original letter grade is still available for certain reasons:

  • The Admissions office will still use the original grade in calculating your admissions average.
  • Departments use the original grade for courses where a minimum grade in a prerequisite course is needed. For example, some courses set a minimum grade of C- in the first year course before you can take second year courses. In that case. they’d use the original grade to confirm that you meet the course prerequisite before they let you enroll.
    • Wondering what classes this applies to? The calendar lists prerequisite course requirements.

Finally, please meet with an advisor if you need help figuring this out. We’re here to help you navigate all of this!

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Academic Continuation Evaluations

What is ACE?

  • The Academic Continuation Evaluation (ACE) is used to assess your academic standing
    after each term of study.

Who sends this?

What can I expect?

According to the Undergraduate Calendar, as Special-ESP students:

  • You’ll receive your first ACE once you have completed 2.0 credits;
    • If you haven’t completed 2.0 credits yet, your ACE status will be “No Decision” because you haven’t taken enough courses yet.
  • After that, you’ll receive an ACE at the end of each term, provided you have completed a course.

The result of an ACE is one of these:

  • Eligible to Continue (EC): if your overall CGPA meets or exceeds the minimum 3.00 (D+) required for continuation. That means you can continue taking courses.
    • Note: the criteria for admission to a degree is higher than D+.
  • Academic Warning (AW): if your overall CGPA is at least 1.00 (D-) but less than 3.00 (D+) you are placed on academic warning (AW).
    • Note: if you have taken previous credits and your previous evaluation was AW, you’ll remain on AW if your Term GPA for the current evaluation is 3.00 (D+) or greater but your Overall CGPA is less than 3.00 (D+).
  • Required to Withdraw for Two Terms (WT): you will receive an evaluation of WT if:
    • Your CGPA is less than 1.00 (D-), or
    • You are on Academic Warning (AW) and do not achieve a Term GPA of 3.00
    • Note: this would mean that you cannot return to ESP or to Special Student studies for two terms.

How do the SAT/UNS options affect your ACE?

  • SAT and UNS grades will not be used in your overall CGPA calculation for the Academic Performance Evaluation.

Please talk to an advisor if you have concerns or questions about the ACE.

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Summer fees

April 25 was the Summer term payment deadline. Click here for fee payment information. Late payment charges and late registration charges apply to the student account on or after this date.

Paying by OSAP

OSAP applications needed to be complete by April 25 in order to be eligible for the OSAP fee payment deferral (which defers your payment deadline to May 11th without late charges).

  • Calculate Amount to Pay in Carleton Central will let you know if you have been granted this deferral. 
  • Watch your email for instructions on how to pay.

Haven’t applied for summer OSAP? June 26th is the deadline. See this site for info.

Paying fees (not through OSAP)

Online banking is the most common method:

  • Pay through online banking by setting up Carleton University as a bill
  • Use your student number as your account number

Nominate a peer for a $2500 to $3000 award

Is there a fellow student who helped you get through the year? Nominate them for the Richard and Jean Van Loon Spirit Award. The winner will receive $2500-$3000 toward their Fall studies at Carleton.

Deadline: May 15th

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Apply to return to ESP

Need more time to qualify for a program or simply want supports for an extended time? Apply to return now – the application will take you 5-10 minutes!

For students who started studies in the fall term: ESP returning student application

For students who started studies in the winter term: email with your request to return.