The Jean and Richard Van Loon Spirit Award

The ESP Jean and Richard Van Loon Spirit Award will be awarded to an Enriched Support Program student who has helped to make a difference to others in their year with the program.

The winner will receive $2,500-$3,000 toward degree studies at Carleton University the fall following their ESP year.

Nominate the winner

Current ESP students are invited to nominate a fellow student for this Award.

Deadline: April 30

Is there a student who has made a real difference to your experience in the ESP this year? Let them know how much you appreciate their contribution by nominating them for an award. You just fill in the online form below – it’s easy and takes 10 minutes! Tell us what makes your nominee worthy of an award.


To be considered, a student must:

  • be a current ESP student
  • receive one or more nomination(s)
  • complete at least 3.0 credits (unless registered with PMC)
  • have excellent workshop attendance
  • be registered in a degree in September following their ESP year

CIE will review the nominations and choose a winner based on who meets this criteria and who receives the best nominations.

Nomination Process

Nominations are accepted from ESP students, Workshop Facilitators, Mentors, Academic Advantage Coaches, and CIE faculty. The Award winner will be notified in June.

ESP Jean and Richard Van Loon Spirit Award Nomination

  • (Carleton email address)
  • (Student's name)
  • Please provide comments in any of the following categories you feel are applicable. The more information you can provide, the stronger your nomination will be. How has this student stood out in making a difference in your educational experience in the Enriched Support Program at Carleton?