Congratulations to all the ESP students who have earned admission to a degree this fall! We’re so happy for you.

On this page you’ll find resources for navigating the university after ESP.

Fall registration begins in July. Note: If you are taking summer courses to qualify for a program, you will be registering after your grades are in and you have been admitted to a degree. 

Waiting to hear about whether you earned a scholarship? Keep an eye on your email – notifications will be sent late June/early July.

Registration steps

  1. Accept your offer of Admission
    Step one is to accept your offer of admission in Carleton360. View your offer and then follow the instructions to accept your offer. If that doesn’t work, try logging into Carleton Central, and follow these instructions.
  2. How to register
    The Registrar’s Office provides registration instructions in handy how-to videos and on their Registration website.

    • Use your Audit to figure out which classes you should take.
    • Build and save a draft worksheet and be ready when your time ticket comes up.
  3. Time Tickets
    Info about what a “time ticket is” and the schedule will be posted here.  You will be able to check in Carleton Central when your time ticket is on or after June 17th. Click here for a detailed how-to.

    • If you aren’t yet accepted to a degree, your time ticket will say August. If you do get into a degree and this date doesn’t change, email us for help.
  4. Course Selection Advice
    • The Academic Advising Centre has advisors who are experts on graduation and program requirements. Here is a useful link from their website on how to read an Audit (you have an Admissions Audit in Carleton Central with your offer of Admission).
    • Each department has a departmental advisor who can help with questions specific to courses and opportunities in your major (course advice, coop and practicum advice, etc.). Follow this link to find out who the departmental advisor for your new major is:
    • A couple of ESP related tips:
      • If you are in a program with a Breadth requirement, you may want to email the Registrar to request that your FYSM counts toward one of the breath categories. Not sure which it would qualify for? Email us for advice.
      • Some classes next year require second year standing, while others just require the first year intro course as a prerequisite. Once you have successfully completed 4.0 credits, you will have second year standing.
        • If you do not have 2nd year standing, and can not add a course as a result, you can try asking the department for permission to take a course by completing a Registration Override Request and see what they say.
  5. Bookmark the Dates and Deadlines page.
    • It has all the info you need on payment deadlines, withdrawal deadlines, term start dates, PMC registration deadlines, exam dates, university holidays, and more!

Transition Resources

On June 5, we hosted an ESP Transition to Degree workshop (see video below). This session featured presentations by all these great services:

Centre for Student Academic Support

  • One-on-one supports
  • Workshop supports

Academic Advising Centre

  • How to read an audit
  • How to calculate your CGPA

Student Registration Assistance (SRA):

  • How to navigate the registration system
  • How to submit a course override request

Academic Supports

Social & cultural supports

  • Carleton’s Students Association (CUSA) runs many clubs and societies. Check out the Directory (clubs list) on their website.
  • The Student Experience Office runs many social events and activities throughout the year – check out their campus activity board.
  • Join an Intramural league: Ultimate, Soccer, Football, Adaptive Boccia and more!
  •  Afro-Caribbean and Black students: Umoja an initiative dedicated to the academic, professional, and personal empowerment of the Ottawa regions’ African, Caribbean, and Black (ACB) communities.
  • Indigenous students: the Centre for Indigenous Initiatives hosts activities in Ojigkwanong (the Indigenous student lounge) in 228 Paterson Hall