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Individual or group coaching is available to ESP students for assistance with academic work.

Our Academic Coaches can provide support for:

  • working on all aspects of assignments for your courses.
  • working on time management in a virtual learning environment.
  • research/writing/reading for university.

For more info on our coaching services, please see our website.

Please note that coaching appointments are held in person in room 1510, Dunton Tower (15th floor).

We strongly recommend you meet with a coach in-person, but if you require an online Zoom appointment, please contact your coach once you have booked an appointment.  We request that your first meeting of the year with your coach is in-person, unless there are unavoidable extenuating circumstances.

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For support and guidance with registration, course selection, program planning, degree exploration, fees and funding, application to your degree, calculating your GPA, and/or program options.

Advisors are available for online or in person appointments. Book an appointment below. Also feel free to email with any questions:

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If you are a former student, entering a degree, reach out to your new department for advising support or to the registration assistance team.

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For prospective students interested in finding out more about ESP: what it offers, the application process and admissions requirements.

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