Fall/Winter 2020/21

Which courses can I take?

ESP/IESP students are eligible to register in three full credit courses: one First Year Seminar and those elective courses that are supported by ESP/IESP workshops.

How do I register for my courses?

ESP/IESP students have a different registration method than other Carleton students. You register through the ESP/IESP office, following the steps below. Read through the Student Guide for guidance in completing each registration step.

  1. Research your course choices:
  2. Build a schedule:
  3. Complete and submit the applicable online Course Selection Form:
  4. Approximately 10 days later: Check your schedule and pay your fees. See the Student Handbook for more on how to view your schedule and pay your fees.
  5. Use our checklist to make sure you’re on track.
  6. Orientation is on September 8th and Classes begin September 9th.

Course Planning

How can I get help selecting courses?

Please attend one of our Registration Information Sessions.

Register: To register for a Registration Information Session, click here.

  • All sessions begin at 1:30 pm online and are approximately 2 hours in length.
    • Friday July 31st
    • Tuesday August 4th
    • Thursday August 6th
    • Tuesday August 11th
    • Thursday August 13th
    • Tuesday August 18th
    • Thursday August 20th

Can’t make it to a session? See the slides here.

Summer Prep & Student Orientation

Math Matters

All students enrolling in Math-intensive programs (such as our Business stream), will have access to the free version of Carleton’s Math Matters summer preparation course. This material will be available in August and students will be automatically registered for the course and be able to access all the material on cuLearn. While the Free option is available, we encourage students to explore the Premium Version to get the most out of what the program has to offer.

MATH Matters- Premium

Held August 24-28, provides live help and resources, Math Matters Premium offers everything in the free version with the added bonus of interactive group sessions with a Study Group Leader and a MATH Matters e-textbook.

The fee for Math Matters- Premium is $250, including HST.

Math Matters covers and reviews topics like:

  • Algebra (basic algebra, intervals, and simplifying algebraic expressions);
  • Equations (solving equations and inequalities, special formulas);
  • Graphs;
  • Transcendental functions; and
  • Trigonometry.

More info: visit carleton.ca/mathmatters.

To register for MATH Matters- Premium: Complete the ESP/IESP Summer Prep Registration Form

Student Orientation

Mandatory Orientation Activities

  • Attend the mandatory Academic Orientation Day on Tuesday, September 8, 2020 – This will be held online this year. More information will be provided to students as it becomes available.
  • Begin your classes on Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Optional Orientation Activities

  • Register for a Summer Orientation Session – This virtual offering will be hosted on CuLearn and will provide students with an opportunity to explore campus resources. Please note that not  all information will be relevant for ESP/IESP students. If you are unsure about something please send us an email or discuss with one of our Academic Coaches that will be inviting you for a virtual “meet in greet” beginning in August through our Summer Welcome Program.
  • Participate in the Fall Orientation activities:

Fee Payment

How do I pay my fees?

Once ESP/IESP has registered you in courses (approx. 10 days after you submit your Course Selection Form), login to Carleton Central to confirm fees and payment methods.

  • Fall fees are due August 25, 2020.  This deadline is for the fall fee payment. Failure to pay fall fees by September 30th will result in de-registration from all fall and winter courses.
  • Winter fees are due November 25, 2020.  Ensure payment for your winter fees is processed to your account without incurring a late charge by this date.

If you will be receiving funding from a Government Student Aid Program such as OSAP, you may be eligible to defer fee payment beyond the August 25 payment deadline (to September 15 for the fall and January 13 for the winter). Please contact our Student Accounts office if you have any concerns about meeting the payment deadline at 613-520-3626 or student_accounts@carleton.ca.

What if I pay after the deadline?

Students who have not made arrangements to have their fees paid by September 30 will be deregistered from all courses for the fall and winter terms. Detailed payment information can be found on the Student Accounts website: carleton.ca/fees. Please contact our Student Accounts office if you have any concerns about meeting the payment deadline: 613-520-3626 or student_accounts@carleton.ca.

Do I have to pay for both terms at the same time?

No – while many prefer to pay the entire academic year up-front, you do have an option to pay by term, provided your payments are received by the associated deadlines (August 25th for the fall and November 25th for winter term fees). Make sure you are aware of the late and interest charge penalties for late payment, as well as our financial hold policy.

How can I check my balance?

You may check your balance online via Carleton Central once you are registered in courses. Click on “Calculate Amount to Pay” from the “Registration” menu. The ‘Total Amount to Pay’ amount is your account balance. The ‘Minimum Amount to Pay’ amount is the balance for your fall term (if electing to pay by term).

Click here for ESP/IESP tuition and workshop costs.

Program or Course Withdrawal

Before September 30  

After you submit the Course Selection Form and we add your courses, you will be charged tuition and workshop fees. If you must withdraw, you must contact the ESP office as soon as you have made the decision to withdraw in order to cancel tuition and workshop fees at esp@carleton.ca or 613-520-2804.

After September 30

After September 30th, you cannot receive a refund of your fall term fees, though if you withdraw between October 1st and January 31st, you will be eligible for a refund of winter term fees. In order to withdraw from courses, you must contact an ESP/IESP Student Advisor no later than 4:00 p.m. on the drop-date. You will not be able to withdraw from courses on-line.

If you need to withdraw from a course during the year, please note the following deadlines:

  • September 30, 2020: Last day to withdraw from fall courses and receive a refund of fees.
  • December 11, 2020: Last day to withdraw from fall courses (no refund of fall term fees if you withdraw after September 30th).
  • January 31, 2021: Last day to withdraw from winter courses and receive a refund of fees.
  • April 9, 2021: Last day to withdraw from winter courses (no refund of winter term fees if you withdraw after January 31st).