Invite one of our Student Ambassadors to meet with your students or teaching/staff/guidance team. Contact us to book a visit: or 613-520-2804.

Ambassador Visits

Meet our Ambassadors

Ambassador Visits

Our visit can take a variety of formats:

Student Meetings

  • Individual student meetings: Our Ambassadors can meet with students individually to discuss ESP.
  • Group meetings: Our Ambassadors can meet with small groups of students who are interested in learning more about ESP.
  • Note: We can meet with students who either have been refused an offer, or who haven’t heard back on their application and who are concerned about whether they will qualify for a degree program.

Staff Meetings

Our Ambassadors can meet with guidance and/or teaching staff to share about their experience in the program, answer questions and dispel some common student misconceptions about ESP.

“Navigating the transition to university” class/group presentations

We offer the option of a presentation focused on (A) the ESP and how it supports students in a successful transition to university, or (B) transition strategies for any students moving on to university.

  1. How to prepare for and succeed in the transition to university through the ESP/IESP.
  2. How to prepare for and succeed in the transition to university (general presentation).

Information Tables

Our Ambassadors can host an Information table (over a lunch hour, for example).

Meet our Ambassadors

Nora Jorjani, graduating BA Honours, Psychology, conc. in Developmental Psych. 

Hello, my name is Nora and I started in the ESP five years ago as a student who didn’t know my potential or what I was capable of. Currently, I am getting ready to graduate from my B.A. Honours Psychology with a Concentration in Developmental Psychology. I know that without the program, I would not have been able to get this far. It is my second year as a Student Ambassador, and I look forward to being able to share my experience and the program with potential ESP students!

Chantal Nguyen, student in BA Honours, Sociology minor in Law

Hello all, my name is Chantal. I am currently studying a major in Sociology and a minor in Law. Going through ESP has made my transition from high school to University so much better and it has really helped me ease my way into Carleton. ESP has given me many opportunities and the knowledge I need to succeed. I am grateful and happy to visit as a Student Ambassador to share my knowledge and experience with others. 

Visheka Oeur, graduating BA Honours, Directed Interdisciplinary Studies

Hello, my name is Visheka, and I am ecstatic to be graduating this summer from the Directed Interdisciplinary program with an emphasis on Leadership & Social Innovation. Without ESP, I would not have made it past my first year and would have been one of the sad (and preventable) statistics. Fortunately, five years later with multiple leadership roles within the ESP, I am grateful to have this opportunity to give back to ESP as a student ambassador. I look forward to meeting you, and sharing this wonderful program with some of your prospective students!

Joseph Otis, student in BA Honours, Linguistics and Psychology

Hello everyone, my name is Joseph Otis! I am thrilled to be brought in as a student ambassador to spread the word about the Enriched Support Program (ESP) and Indigenous Enriched Support Program (IESP). I spent this last year as an ESP mentor to help walk students through their first year using the knowledge I gained through my own experience and the training given to me. A little about me: I am from Nova Scotia and moved here to pursue my education two years ago. After being out of school for a few years I knew I would need to ease my way into university with some assistance. With all the supports ESP offered I was able to have a successful and entertaining first year of university.

Dave Pierre, student in Bachelor of Computer Science

Hi, my name is Dave Pierre, and I am currently studying Computer Science. I got into ESP because my academic performance during high school did not show my full potential as a student. By working hard and going to workshops with ESP, I was able to reach my full potential as a student. I earned a scholarship coming out of my ESP year and worked as a mentor in the program the next year. Now as a student ambassador, I want to spread the word about this wonderful program and let students in high school know that they can get into university and the degree that they want!

Benjamin Perrin, student in BA Honours, Psychology

You will soon find out, if you haven’t already, that we all share something in common, we in the ESP family all met hardships in high-school that denied us the possibility of gaining admittance into a regular program in our first years at Carleton. This is where ESP came in, it allowed us to go to University and get a second chance at the whole academic side of things, and I am incredibly grateful for it. I didn’t put in my full effort in high school, I was content to just drift along and get the grades that came to me, and obviously that doesn’t work. The ESP, however, has taught me how to work hard without necessarily stressing as much, and to achieve those good grades that we all look for. I am now beginning my third year of study in a Bachelor of Arts Honours at Carleton University and look forward to expanding my studies in Psychology.