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Our program offers the opportunity to:

  • take up to three first-year university courses (one core course and two electives)
  • receive academic support in small, weekly workshops that help you make the transition to university-level work
  • take advantage of advising and coaching options
  • get started on first-year university by earning credits that count toward your degree
  • build a basis for admission to a degree

ESP and IESP offer unique pathways to help you qualify for a variety of degree programs.

Please note: January admission is only available for our Arts and Social Science Stream.

Application to ESP/IESP (Winter)

Admissions for Winter 2018 is now closed. 

Minimum criteria

Click here to learn more about the minimum requirements to be considered for admission to the ESP/IESP.


You may apply to study part-time or full-time in January.

A) Full-time study

ESP/IESP students who enroll full-time will choose:

  • One first year core course
Core course Schedule
CIED 1001 Selected Topics in Pop Culture Thursday 2:35-5:35 p.m.
  • Two first-year elective courses, supported by
    • Two non-credit workshops designed to build the skills needed to excel in university studies.
    • Students can choose from the following electives:
Course title and schedule      ESP/IESP Workshop (Mandatory)

ANTH 1002 B Intro to Issues in Anthropology Limited seats

  • Tues 6:05-7:55 PM, plus discussion grp 8:05-8:55 PM

ANTH 1002A– ESPW 1000M

  • Wednesday  2:35-5:25 PM
CHST 1002 A Childhood in Canadian Context  Limited seats

  • Friday 2:35-4:25 PM plus 1 hr. discussion grp (various times)
CHST 1002– ESPW 1000N

  • Wednesday 2:35-5:25 PM
CRCJ1000D Introduction to Criminology

  • Friday 2:35-5:25 PM
CRCJ 1000D – ESPW 1000A

  • Tuesday 8:35-11:25 AM
FILM 1101B Introduction to Film Studies

  • Wednesday 6:05-8:55 PM
FILM 1101B – ESPW 1000ZC

  • Monday 2:35-5:25 PM
INDG 1011A Introduction to Indigenous-Settler Encounters   Limited seats

  • Monday 8:35-11:25 AM
INDG 1011B – ESPW 1000R

  • Thursday 11:35-2:25 PM
PHIL 1301B Philosophy: Mind, World and Knowledge   
Limited seats

  • Monday & Wednesday 11:35-12:55 PM
PHIL 1301B – ESPW 1000G

  • Tuesday 11:35-2:25 PM
PSCI 1500B Political Science: Technology, Nature & Power 
Limited seats

  • Friday 8:35-11:25 AM plus 1 hr. discussion grp (various times)
PSCI 1500B – ESPW 1000B

  • Monday 11:35-2:25 PM
PSYC 1001K Introduction to Psychology 1

  • Wednesday 6:05-8:55 PM
PSYC 1001K– ESPW 1000H

  • Tuesday 2:35-5:25 PM
SOWK 1002A Introduction to Social Work  Limited seats

  • Friday 11:35- 14:25 PM
SOWK 1002A – ESPW 1000U

  •  Thursday 6:05-8:55 PM

B) Part-time study

ESP/AESP students normally enroll in CIED 1001. For students who wish to take two courses, they may also add one elective plus its workshop, from the table above.

Admission to a B.A. after ESP/IESP

Students in our January program can earn up to 1.5 credits (because they are enrolling in 3 half-credit courses and two non-credit workshops). ESP/IESP students (unless they qualify as a mature applicants), must complete at least 2.0 credits, before being admitted to a degree program. Click here for more details. Click here for our Student Handbook.

This means, that  you will be continuing ESP/IESP in the subsequent Summer or Fall/Winter terms before entering a degree program.

You will qualify for degree entry once you have met one of the following criteria:

Students who meet the criteria above  are eligible for admission to most of Carleton’ Bachelor of Arts Programs. Some B.A. programs may require a higher average (BA Geomatics or Criminology), or have prerequisite subjects for high school (e.g. BA Biology, B. Economics).

Mature students may qualify for admission to a B.A. program after having completed a minimum of 1.0 credit with at least a C- or better standing in the first attempt, provided they meet the university’s formal definition of a “Mature” applicant, that is:

  1. are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada;
  2. have not attended a college or university as full-time student;
  3. have been away from full-time studies for at least two calendar years;
  4. do not meet the normal admission requirements (as published in the Undergraduate Calendar);
  5. have completed any required prerequisite subject (for example: applicants to a B. Economics must have completed grade 12 Advanced Functions with a minimum of 70%).

Costs and Funding

January 2018

Costs for domestic students taking first-year courses:

Costs for Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents
Course Cost
#1 Carleton University (0.5 credit course) $701.13
#1 ESP/AESP Workshop (winter term) $490.00
#2 Carleton University (0.5 credit course) $ 701.13
#2 ESP/AESP Workshop (winter term) $490.00
# 3 Core Course (0.5 credit course) $ 701.13
U-Pass (bus pass, mandatory fee) $206.82
Total $3,290.21

Payment Deadline

Payment of all Winter Terms fees is due November 25, 2017. Our Student Handbook contains details on fee payment.

  • Please note: If you are admitted or registered after this deadline, you will have 5 days from registration to pay without penalty.

Students receiving OSAP can defer this deadline to January 12, 2018 provided they meet the deferral conditions, found here. Please contact our Student Accounts office if you have any concerns about meeting the payment deadline at 613-520-3626 or

If you are planning to apply for student loans, be sure to apply as soon as possible (there’s no need to wait for an admissions decision to begin your application).

What if I pay after the deadline?

Late charges will apply. Failure to pay all fees by the end of January will result in complete withdrawal from all courses. Detailed payment information can be found on the Student Accounts website: Please contact our Student Accounts office if you have any concerns about meeting the payment deadline at 613-520-3626 or


Please see the Awards Office website for interactive resources to help you with calculating your costs.

Student Loans

Students enrolled in the ESP/IESP students may be eligible, if qualified, for assistance under one or more of the following components of the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP):

  • the Canada Student Loans Program (CSL)
  • the Ontario Student Loans Plan (OSL)

You apply for both of these programs on one application through the OSAP website.

For further information about financial support available to ESP/IESP students, please contact Carleton’s Awards Office.

Registration Information

Please read through our Student Guide here for information on Registration and rules and regulations that apply to you once you join the program.

Winter term classes begin on Monday, January 8th, 2018.

Newly admitted students should attend our Orientation session on Friday, January 5th at 1:30-3:30 PM located in room 2017 Dunton Tower (20th fl.). We’ll provide useful information on classes, resources and registration, plus show you where to get your U-Pass (full-time students only), student card, and find your classes.