ESP/IESP Student Advising

Allan Blunt, Susan Burhoe, and Stephanie Wagar are the ESP Advisors and Kirstei Abbott is the IESP Advisor. Meet with an advisor when you need help planning your studies, setting and reviewing your academic goals, talking about programs and majors and dealing with the administrative side of university matters.  Contact them when you want to talk about your academic goals and plans

  • want advice on applying to a degree program
  • are experiencing academic and personal difficulties
  • need help in deciphering academic rules and regulations
  • need advice on how to register in or withdraw from courses
  • want help locating the right person, service, or resource in the university

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Advising Bulletins

Our advising team sends ESP/IESP Advising Bulletins to your Carleton email. These have information about important deadlines, opportunities and rules/regulations that apply to you as students in the ESP/IESP.

ESP/IESP Advising Bulletins 2020/2021:

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