ESP Coaches are upper-year Carleton students who can help you learn. They are positive, friendly and encouraging.  As members of the ESP program, their goal is to help you succeed at Carleton.

Coaches meet with students one-on-one for an hour, offering individual help with challenges that new university students often experience:

  • managing time and staying organized
  • making a personal study plan and sticking with it
  • reading, writing and thinking more critically
  • math and science course content
  • just generally learning how to learn

Coaches can also meet small groups of students, so if you are working in a group and want to have a session together, that can definitely be arranged.

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Meeting with a Coach

If you are an ESP student, you are welcome to meet with any of our coaches.  Appointments will begin mid-September.

You can book a single appointment or schedule regular meetings.

A face-to-face coaching session is usually the best way to start so you can let the coach see your books, assignment sheets, and so on.  For follow-up appointments, telephone and email coaching are also available.

To book an appointment, click here.

What our students say:

“Coaching has given me the opportunity to work one on one and focus on subjects needed. Having a coach that understands one’s needs and that is able to accommodate those needs plays an important learning role.  Coaching is one of the best time investments anyone could make. This is an opportunity that everyone should take advantage of right at the start of University.”

“My coaching experience was like a life jacket, it kept me afloat above all the craziness of university then taught me to swim on my own. My coach deserves my most profound thanks for the time and energy given.”

Our 2023-24 Coaching Team

2023-2024 Academic Coaches

Our team is currently being finalized.  Check back in August for updates!

Academic Coaching Program Administrators