The Math Tutorial Centre (MTC) is study space for any student who wishes to study mathematics or statistics individually, or in group. The MTC is also for students to meet and receive support from one of our teaching assistants (TA).

If the MTC is busy, the TA should spend at most 10 minutes with each student.
Expect TAs to answer specific questions about mathematical and statistical concepts, techniques, and methods.
Expect TAs to solve problems that are NOT part of an assignment to be handed in for credit.

General Information

Centre Coordinator: Kyle Harvey,

Centre Location:  Room 3422 Herzberg Laboratories (west block of Herzberg next to Life Science Building)

The Math Tutorial Centre will be Online via a link in Brightspace called “(MTC) Online Math Tutorial Centre (Fall 2021)”. Students who are registered in a course supported by the Math Tutorial Centre will automatically see this “(MTC) Online Math Tutorial Centre (Fall 2021)” in Brightspace as part of their Fall 2021 courses. If you do not see this link in Brightspace, then please contact Kyle Harvey at so that he can add you to the Online Math Tutorial Centre.

MTC Schedule – Fall 2021 Schedule

  • The MTC will be open on a reduced schedule (only Kyle) starting Sept 20th. All other MTC TAs will start on Sept 24th.
  • The MTC will not be open during the midterm break week (Oct 25 – Oct 29).
  • The MTC will not be open on Thanksgiving (Oct 11)
  • The last day of the MTC will be Dec 10th. This one day follows a Monday Schedule (thus look for TAs who appear on Monday instead of Friday for Dec 10th).

Supported Courses

Teaching Assistants will give priority to students in the following mathematics courses:

BIT 1000 BIT 1001 BIT 1101
BIT 1200 BIT 1201 MATH 0005
MATH 0006 MATH 0009 MATH 1004
MATH 1007 MATH 1009 MATH 1052
MATH 1104 MATH 1107 MATH 1152
MATH 1401 MATH 1800

Students in 15-credit undergrad level courses should see the student teaching assistant in the Centre. Honours students should see the Learning Assistance Coordinator, Kyle Harvey for assistance.

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