Kailey Pickles Stratum Estimates of the Probability of an Insurance Claim Based on Logistic Regression Dr. Patrick Farrell August 2018 Summer
Michele Baranzika On Skew-Normal Models: Properties & Estimation Via Em Algorithm Dr. Song Cai August 2018 Summer
Amanda Chafee Recursively Constructing Tight & Economical Single-Change Covering Designs & Circular Single-Change Covering Designs Dr. Brett Stevens August 2018 Summer
Thomas Dykes Acylindrically Hyperbolic Groups Dr. Inna Bumagin August 2018 Summer
Peter L’Oiseau Analysis of Major League Baseball Data Dr. Sanjoy Sinha December 2018 Fall
Alexandre Conlon Quantum Error-Correcting Codes Dr. Jason Crann December 2018 Fall
Yumin Park Analyzing Pixel Intensity Data Using Linear Regression Model and Linear Mixed Model Dr. Song Cai December 2018 Fall
Qian Li Dynamic Programming and Its Applications
Dr. Minyi Huang December 2018 Fall
Ximei Zhang Computation of Value-at-Risk and Related Optimization Dr. Minyi Huang December 2018 Fall
Aaron Brooks-Moorcroft Porfolio Optimization – A Stochastic Control Approach Dr. Gennady Shaikhet May 2019 Winter
Brianne Rogers Model-Based Estimation for a Relative Difference in Proportions Dr. Patrick Farrell May 2019 Winter
Mengjie Wang Error Estimation of Asymptotic Expansion for the T Distribution density Dr. Yiqiang Zhao May 2019 Winter
Noria Xu Non-Parametric Bayesian Analysis with Dirichlet Process Dr. Song Cai May 2019 Winter
Trevor Thompson Semi-Involutions over Finite Fields Dr. Daniel Panario and Dr. Steven Wang May 2019 Winter
Liam Fitzpatrick Statistical Tests for Relative Reciprocity and Relative Interchange Dr. Patrick Farrell May 2019 Winter
Yang Zhou Analysis of Audit Data Dr. Sanjoy Sinha May 2019 Winter
Melissa Scott Factoring Polynomials over Finite Fields Dr. Daniel Panario May 2019 Winter
Shashank Nath A Comparison of Two Ratio Esitimators and a Regression Esitmator for a Finite Population Mean_ Dr. Patrick Farrell May 2019 Winter
Lucas Pellegroms Approximation of Queuing Models Dr. Gennady Shaikhet May 2019 Winter
D.T. Doan Modelling the Choice of Surgery for Rectal Cancer Using Logistic and ROC Curves Dr. Patrick Farrell May 2019 Winter
Justin Leo Utility of Signaling in the Job Market Dr. Brett Stevens May 2019 Winter
Joseph Lentini Coding for Multiple User Access Channels Dr. Daniel Panario August 2019 Summer
Michael Cayanan The Circle Method Applied to Goldbach’s Weak Conjecture Dr. Brandon Fodden August 2019 Summer
Anna Gow Security of the BB84 Quantum Key Distribution Protocol Dr. Jason Crann August 2019 Summer
Melanie Brown Homotopy Type Theory Dr. Brett Stevens January 2020 Fall 2019
Brandon Savage-Barnhart Hilbert’s Tenth Problem Dr. Brandon Fodden January 2020 Fall 2019
Vince Yordanov Fitting Spatially Correlated Data with a Poisson Conditional Autoregressive Model Dr. Jason Nielsen January 2020 Fall 2019
Scott Mccalla Scott Mccalla – A Comparison Between Multivariate and Univariate Models of Time Series Dr. Song Cai and Dr. Shirley Mills January 2020 Fall 2019
Howard Silvey National Hockey League Data: Analysis and Prediction Dr. Jason Nielsen May 2020 Winter
Fatima Almalki Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering of Queries using Part of Speech Tags Dr. Ahmed El-Roby and Dr. Yiqiang Zhao May 2020 Winter
Joshua Miller A Detailed Analysis of Some Properties of Nonparametric Estimators Dr. Natalia Stepanova May 2020 Winter
Shiying Wang Discrimination and Classification: Applications to Discriminant Analysis Dr. Natalia Stepanova May 2020 Winter
Liam Bruce Applying State Space Methods to Nonstationary Time Series Dr. Mohamedou Ould Haye April 2020 Winter
Stephanie Siu Data Analytics on Similarities and Differences of Global Cuisines Dr. Shirley Mills May 2020 Winter
Nick Murphy Register Machines as Diophantine Equations Dr. Kevin Cheung May 2020 Winter
Madeleine Davis Using Network Analysis for Controlling Disease Outbreak for African Swine Fever Virus Dr. Patrick Farrell May 2020 Winter
Jacob Lewis Profit Testing of Equity-Linked Insurance Policies Dr. Mohamedou Ouldhaye April 2020 Winter
Adam Chmara Mutually Orthogonal Latin Squares and k-nets Dr. Brett Stevens May 2020 Winter
Jacob Turner-Hechtman An Introduction to Optimal Transport Dr. Abbas Momeni May 2020 Winter
Danxi (Daisy) Wu Stock Market Analysis and Predictions Using Time Series Approach Dr. Patrick Farrell May 2020 Winter
Dicong Zhao Image Recognition by Convolutional Neural Networks Dr. Emmanuel Lorin May 2020 Winter
Zhaoying Zheng Seasonal Adjustment and Forecasting by Using X-12-ARIMA Method with Application on Monthly Retail Sales in U.S. Dr. Mohamedou Ould Haye April 2020 Winter
Ching-wen Wang Network Alert Graph Construction and Community Detection Dr. Shirley Mills April 2020 Winter
Dana Nickerson Collision Detection and Pollard’s rho Algorithm for the Discrete Logarithm Problem Dr. Daniel Panario May 2020 Winter
Korede Adegboye Showcasing Evidence of Climate Change-shinyAPP Dr. Dave Campbell May 2020 Winter
Yue Xu Estimating the sample size of Geo/Geo/1 Dr. Yiqiang Zhao April 2020 Winter
Danielle Chartier Modelling the Probability of Making an Insurance Claim Based on Logistic Regression Dr. Patrick Farrell August 2020 Summer
Kyle Cheaney An Introduction to Inverse Semigroups and Their Connections To C*-Algebras Dr. Charles Starling August 2020 Summer
Lara Habashy Comparing Machine Learning Algorithms for Diagnosing Breast Cancer: Logistic Regression, Support Vector Machine, Naïve Bayes Dr. Shirley Mills August 2020 Summer
Brianne Hamilton Heavy Traffic Approximations for Models Using the Brownian Motion Dr. Yiqiang Zhao August 2020 Summer
Abrar Kazi Mutually Unbiased Bases Dr. Jason Cran August 2020 Summer
Sharon Pragashkumar Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorems Dr. Brandon Fodden August 2020 Summer
Siyue Sun Recursive and Distributed Least Square Algorithms in Linear Regression Models Dr. Minyi Huang August 2020 Summer
Sarah Zamperin Irrational & Transcendental Numbers Dr. Brandon Fodden August 2020 Summer
Thomas Bray An Introduction to Topological Groups Dr. Wojciech Jaworski January 2021 Fall
Qian Chen Markov Decision Process and Numerical Methods Dr. Minyi Huang January 2021 Fall
Safia Khan Predicting Heart Disease Outcomes Based on
Logistic Regression
Dr. Sanjoy Sinha January 2021 Fall
Spencer Secord Algorithms for Computing Matrices of Hecke Operators With Conjectured Connections to Modular Forms Dr. Colin Ingalls and Dr. Adam Logan January 2021 Fall
Junpu Xie Analysis of COVID-19 Confirmed Cases
based on Poisson Loglinear Regression Model
Dr. Patrick Farrell January 2021 Fall
Mahdi Aden One-Relator Groups Dr. Inna Bumagin
June 2021 Winter
Christopher Karpinski Algorithmic Problems in Relatively
Hyperbolic Groups
Dr. Inna Bumagin
June 2021 Winter
Theresa Kennedy Analyzing Auston Matthews’ Shot Data Using
Dr. Shirley Mills
June 2021 Winter
Simon Kuttner Counting Monic Polynomials over a Finite Field
with Prescribed Degree, First Consecutive Coefficients, and
Dr. Qiang Wang
June 2021 Winter
Yizhen Li State Inference in the Hidden
Markov Models
Dr. Gennady Shaikhet
June 2021 Winter
Cameron McMullen A Mortality Experience Study using Machine Learning Methods Based on Canadian data 1991-2018
Dr. Shirley Mills
June 2021 Winter
Michael Sloan The Weyl Representation and CliffordHierarchy with Applications to Gate Teleportation
Dr. Jason Crann
June 2021 Winter
Matthew St.Cyr Analysis of Point Schemes of Artin-Schelter Regular Algebras
Dr. Colin Ingalls
June 2021 Winter
Francisco Villacis Characteristic Classes and de Rham Cohomology
Dr. Colin Ingalls June 2021 Winter
Jiawei Xu Analysis and ARIMA-based
Forecasts of COVID-19 Daily Confirmed Cases
for Selected Canadian Provinces
Dr. Patrick Farrell
June 2021 Winter
Qiang Xu Selected Methods of Cluster Analysis
Dr. Natalia Stepanova
June 2021 Winter
Xiang Zhao Smoothing splines in nonparametric
regression analysis
Dr. Natalia Stepanova June 2021 Winter
James Britton Review and Implementation of an
epidemiological model for COVID-19
Prof. Emmanuel Lorin
August 2021 Summer
Katherine Cho Modelling Population Dynamics of
Neurons and Epilepsy
Dr. David Amundsen
August 2021 Summer
Alex Lehmann Resampling Diagnostics: Bootstrap,
Shiny, and Democratizing Data Science
Dr. Dave Campbell
August 2021 Summer
Omar Rigg Bowen’s Theorem
Dr. Charles Starling
August 2021 Summer
Lixin (Stacy) Zhou Bayesian Sample Size for M/M/n/n
queuing model
Dr. Yiqiang Zhao
August 2021 Summer