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The School of Mathematics and Statistics offers several math enrichment programs for grade school students. These are excellent opportunities for those who already do well in school and would like to experience math that goes beyond the standard school curriculum.  Please note that the grades below indicate the level of mathematics and not the age.

Math Enrichment Centre is supported in part with an Endowment Grant from the Canadian Mathematical Society.

Math Adventures (In-person) Number Theory (Cancelled) Basic Algebra     Replaced with:

Problem Solving in Algebra (Online)

Competitive Math Part I (Online)
Competitive Math Part II (Cancelled) Fundamentals of Geometry I (Online) Fundamentals of Geometry II (Online) Math Connections in Finance and Science (Cancelled)
MathLink (Cancelled) Physics I (Online) Physics II (Online) Computer Algorithms I (Online)
Computer Algorithms II (Online) *NEW* Data Structures and Graph Algorithms (Cancelled) Python in Motion (Online) *NEW* Robotic Programming (In-person)
Foundations of Calculus (Cancelled) Trigonometry (Cancelled) Conferences Competitive Math Contests

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For information on a specific course, please write to the email address indicated on the page of that course following one of the links above.

For general information about registrations, please write to Math Enrichment Co-ordinator:

If you have a suggestion how we can improve our programs, please write to Director of Math Enrichment Centre, Professor Yuly Billig:

Please note that Math Enrichment Centre does not have full-time administration staff, and we are not able to answer phone inquiries.

The School of Mathematics and Statistics has expanded its outreach activities to include the following.

Competitive Math Contests

Math Adventures
Grade 3-4 and 5-6 Students

Number Theory
Grades 6-7 Students: (September-April)
This is a challenging pre-algebra course. Some of the topics that will discuss include the following:
Arithmetic with negative numbers and with fractions, simplifying difficult arithmetic expressions, divisibility, prime numbers, arithmetic with remainders, applications to cryptography, arithmetic with the binary system and other bases.

Basic Algebra
Grade 7-8 Students
Algebraic expressions, systems of equations, sequences and series, polynomials, quadratic equations, systems of linear inequalities.

Fundamentals of Geometry I Course
Grade 7-8 Students: (September to May)
Geometry is a wonderful playground for developing logical and consistent thinking. It may be regarded as a game played by axiomatic rules created by the ancient Greeks. However, this classical part of mathematics is practically nonexistent as a subject in the curriculum of Canadian schools.

Fundamentals of Geometry II Course
Grade 8-9 Students: (September to May)
In this sequel course more advanced topics in Geometry will be studied, including an introduction to trigonometry and 3-dimensional geometry.

Competitive Math Program – Part I
(Number Theory and Analytic Geometry )
Grade 9 Students (September to May)

Competitive Math Program – Part II
(Contests Preparation)
Grade 9-12  Students (September to May)

Math Connections in Finance and Science
Grade 8-10 Students: (September to April)
This course will expose students to a wide range of Math applications in Finance and Science, potentially leading to a career in a field related to Finance (e.g. financial or business analyst, investment advisor, forensic accountant, risk management actuary, etc.), or Science (e.g. optical engineer, medical practitioner, pharmacologist, geophysicist, geneticist, etc.)

MathLink Program (Free Program)
Grade 9-10 Students: (September to April) – not offered in 2019/20
MathLink is a free Math enrichment program at Carleton University, which started in 2006. MathLink will give an opportunity for the high school students to explore mathematics beyond the school program. Anyone with interest in mathematics is invited to participate.

Physics I
Grade 8-9 Students.
The first half of this course will be on Electricity (from Ohm’s Law to Kirchhoff’s Law), the second part will be on Kinematics and Ballistics.

Physics II
Grade 9-10 Students.
This course will focus on the concepts of forces and energy. In the Fall term we will explore Electrostatics (Coulomb’s Law, Electric Field, Electric Potential),
and in the Winter term we will study Mechanics (Balance of Forces, Potential and Kinetic Energy, Hooke’s Law, Energy and Momentum Conservation Laws).

Computer Algorithms I
Grades 8-9 Students: (September-April)
Introduction to algorithms will provide the basics of what an algorithm is. We will show the kids how to think about resolving a problem as a step-by-step process. We will show them how to break the problems in manageable components and solve them in simple mathematical steps.

Computer Algorithms II
Grade 9-10 Students
Searching and Sorting Algorithms. Hash functions. Basic data structures: Lists, Stacks, Queues. Scheduling problem.

Python in Motion
Grade 10-12 Students.
This is a Computer Science course for the students who are already familiar with the basics of programming (in any computer programming language).

Foundations of Calculus Course
Grade 11-12 Students.
The objective of this course is to better prepare students for success in their future University-level mathematics courses.

Algebra and Trigonometry
Grade 11-12 Students: (September to April)
This course runs in the environment which is very close to the actual University course, with regular assignments, mid-term and a final exam. The objective of this course is to better prepare students for success in their future University-level mathematics courses.

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