Our Graduate Programs

The School of Mathematics and Statistics offers many graduate programs. See below the list of programs, including their Admission Requirements, Program Requirements, Course Selection (M.Sc.) and  (Ph.D). For more information on the programs and their courses, please visit Carleton Graduate Calendar for Mathematics and Statistics.

M.Sc. in Mathematics (Applied Mathematics, Probability, Pure Mathematics)

M.Sc. in Statistics (Probability, Statistics)

Students pursuing studies in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, probability and statistics at the graduate level leading to a M.Sc. do so in a joint program offered by the School of Mathematics and Statistics at Carleton University and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Ottawa under the auspices of the Ottawa-Carleton Institute of Mathematics and Statistics. The Institute is responsible for supervising the programs, regulations, and student admissions, and for providing a framework for interaction between the two departments at the research level.

M.Sc. in Mathematics with Specialization in Bioinformatics (Collaborative Program)

Bioinformatics is an emerging and increasingly important scientific discipline dedicated to the pursuit of fundamental questions about the structure, function and evolution of biological entities through the design and application of computational approaches. Fundamental research in these areas is expected to increase our understanding of human health and disease which will translate to innovation in industry (e.g. drug discovery). As a field of research, it crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries such as computer science, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, engineering and the medical sciences. While individual researchers usually specialize in a particular area, bioinformaticians today must be able to appreciate significant research in other fields and therefore require an understanding of the basic principles of other disciplines. To meet this challenge Carleton University and the University of Ottawa offer a collaborative program leading to a Master of Science degree with Specialization in Bioinformatics. Students in this program must write a thesis.

Ph.D. Mathematics

Ph.D. Statistics

Requirements for PhD programs 

The normal requirement for admission to the Ph.D. program is a master’s degree in mathematics, or the equivalent, with at least B+ standing. Details are outlined in the General Regulations section of this Calendar.

Comprehensive Examinations

Students specializing in mathematics or probability undertake a comprehensive examination within twenty months of initial registration in the Ph.D. program. in the case of full-time students, and within thirty-eight months of initial registration in the case of part-time students.