The Math & Stats Graduate Student Society consists of a group of students who organize social and academic events, provide support and mentoring for students as well as teaching assistants, and represent the graduate student body on the GSA council. Here are some facets of our organization in more detail.

Grad Lounge

We have a great space reserved for grad students in math and stats in HP 3390. Enjoy the use of a fridge, microwave, and kettle. Also equipped with a chalkboard, tables, and couches. Come to the grad lounge to work, eat, relax (Super Nintendo anyone?), and meet fellow graduate students!

We also have a discord server to serve as our virtual lounge. Please email the society president with your Carleton email for a link to join.

Grad Seminar

This is a bi-weekly seminar that takes place Friday afternoons in the virtual grad lounge. Students take turns presenting a topic of their choice to a mixed audience in an informal setting. This not only provides an opportunity to strengthen presentation skills, having to explain your research to those not in your area often deepens your understanding of the material. This can also be an opportunity to practice an upcoming conference talk, or simply an excuse to read and present a paper you have been meaning to get to. All are invited to participate.

Social Events

Every year there are two main social events for graduate students: the orientation party at Mike’s Place, and the end of term party. In addition to this, the society will be hosting monthly lounge nights where students can relax, eat pizza, play board/video games, and ultimately just take time away from equations.

Academic Workshops

Throughout the year the society runs several TA training as well as professional development workshops. We have also hosted panel discussions in the past on effective research skills and how to prepare for advanced comprehensive exams. Suggestions for workshops/panel discussions are always welcome.

GSA Council

The Graduate Student Association council meets once a month to discuss the status of the association and to address any pertinent financial, academic, or political issues. A representative of the grad society usually attends these meetings to keep us up to date with the GSA and to voice any concerns/ideas from the math and stats grad student body.

New Members

The society is always interested in new members. Duties would likely include regular meetings as well as the organization of the above events/workshops etc. If interested, please contact us (see below).


President:  Amanda Chafee