Welcome to the Carleton Math Society page! If you’ve arrived here by accident, we implore you to read a little further and see what we’re about.

Our main focus is to bring together students in mathematics and related programs who may not otherwise get to meet each other. As well, we work towards exposing the interesting side of mathematics, be it from a discussion between fellow students in our society, or from a colloquium presented by an expert in their field.

Playing cards is also a staple of our society and we are almost always ready to be dealt a hand.

Swing by our room sometime and don’t forget to join our facebook group to keep up to date with our upcoming events!

If you’d like to read more of the technical details of our society, the following is the Carleton University Math Society Constitution:

Math Society Constitution

The Carleton University Mathematics and Statistics Society, hereafter referred to as the Math Society, represents the interests of students and faculty within the School of Mathematics and Statistics. It creates social and enrichment events for these groups. The goals of the Math Society are to create an atmosphere that brings students and faculty together, to create new friendships, and to create an environment where students with questions in mathematics or statistics can find the help they require.

The Math Society is open to any student, faculty member, or staff member, in any department of the university. All individuals wishing to become members of the Math Society must pay the membership fee, including the executive.

The executive of the Math Society consists of at least three positions: President, Treasurer, and at least one Vice-President.

The executive will meet periodically, and will record minutes at the meetings. At least once a year all members will convene to discuss pertinent topics, including but not limited to the election of a new executive. The length of the term for all the executive positions is one year, from May 1st to April 30th.

The President is responsible for reserving space for all events and activities, the certification of the society, attending Clubs Commission meetings, maintaining contact with the Students’ Association, picking up the Math Society’s mail from the CUSA Office on a regular basis, and calling executive and general meetings. The Treasurer is responsible for budgeting the Math Society’s funds. The President may delegate other tasks, such as the planning and advertising of events, to Vice-Presidents.

Elections for the executive positions of the Math Society will be held in March. Any student who is returning to Carleton the following year can run for a position on the executive. Only members of the Math Society and those individuals running for positions on the executive are eligible to vote in the election.

An executive may be removed from their position as a result of any serious offense, as determined by the general membership. In order to impeach a member of the executive, a general meeting must be called, in which a discussion on the impeachment and then a vote will be held. In order to impeach, 60% of the membership must be present and vote in favour of the impeachment.

In the event that the Math Society should dismantle, all assets and resources shall be donated back to the Math Department for storage and use until the event that the students should choose to form a new Math Society again.

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