If further assistance is required, highly qualified tutors are available for one-on-one tutoring sessions. They can provide individual support for you at your convenience.  Please refer to the tutors list below. Although the School of Mathematics and Statistics does review all tutors academic course background, we cannot be held responsible for students satisfaction with the results of the tutors, and or their mutual satisfaction. The agreements are strictly between the tutor and the student.


Name Program Specific  Email  Rate
April Le Quere, Camille All general level first and second year UG math CamilleAprilLeQuere@cmail.carleton.ca $30 per hour
Aygin, Selcuk All undergraduate math courses and grad level analysis and algebra courses zaferaygin@cunet.carleton.ca $40 per hour
Khaddaj, Bahaa All undergraduate math courses bahaakhaddaj@cmail.carleton.ca $40 per hour
Cerqueira, Kerry All math Undergraduate courses and 1st & 2nd yr UG stats courses KerryCerqueira@cmail.carleton.ca $40 per hour
Chabot, Olivier First year calculus & algebra olivierchabot17@gmail.com $30 per hour
Doss, Chendur All Undergraduate statistics courses chendur21@gmail.com $30 per hour
Greer, Emile First – second year Undergraduate math, some 3rd year level emilegreer@cmail.carleton.ca $30 per hour
Mahmud, Altaf First year and 2nd year level calculus, algebra and math 3705 & math 3007 mambbh@yahoo.com Negotiable
Nasr, Amir All math Undergraduate courses amir.nasr2011@gmail.com $35-50 per hour
Radakovic, Anja First and second year calculus, algebra, and stats or visit anjateach.com anjaradakovic33@gmail.com $40 per hour
Ryan, Philip All math Undergraduate first to third year – except third year stats philip.atkin.ryan@gmail.com $30 per hour
Said, Fares All math Undergraduate and all stats level courses faressaid@cmail.carleton.ca $45-50 per hour
Sanipe, Okori First year Calculus & Algebra okorisanipe@cmail.carleton.ca $30 per hour
Zhou, Ritta All general level 1st-3rd year UG math & stats ritta.s.zhou@gmail.com $30 per hour

More Information:

Please contact Tracie Barkley, tracie_barkley@carleton.ca.

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  • Math Tutorial Centre (MTC)
  • Student Academic Success Centre
  • Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)