You should receive a response by email within approx. 5 days (response times will be longer during registration periods). 

Please fill out our contact form to request information or assistance regarding your academic progress. This form gives us the information we need to either answer your academic questions or provide direction to the correct resources. 

Registration issues will ONLY be dealt with through Override requests, responses are all processed through Carleton Central only (not via this form).   For assistance with overrides, follow these steps, and watch the video at the bottom of that page.

Please note, we are unable to respond to inquiries about the time required to process your request. A decision email will be sent to your Carleton e-mail account.  

 Before you submit this form 

  • Have you run your audit?
  • Is your inquiry about Late Registration – Please contact the registrar’s office for the late registration petition form.  This form must be signed by the instructor before uploading to the School in the form below.    
  • Do you require a virtual meeting for an issue that cannot be resolved via email follow these steps: 
    1. Request a virtual meeting in the “other” field. 
    2. Run your audit.
    3. Have a list of questions prepared.
    4. Keep your appointment time.  Cancel in advance if you cannot attend.