PASS helps students learn how
and what to learn.

PASS is for everyone! Whether your grades are top-notch or could use improvement, PASS will help you get the grade you want by reviewing specific course content as well as transferable study skills.

PASS provides a welcoming and supportive environment where you can work through difficult material or ask that question that you didn’t ask in the lecture. It’s different from tutorials, discussion groups and labs; it is a relaxed, informal environment, where students are not being graded or judged in any way. PASS facilitators incorporate a variety of fun activities that show students how to integrate new academic skills with important course content.

In the average PASS workshop, students can expect to work through a handout with their peers and with guidance from a peer facilitator who took the course and received an A- or above. The PASS facilitator does not re-lecture, but instead encourages students to participate and collaborate with one another, in order to encourage independent learning.

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