Every week, your PASS Facilitator will upload a new worksheet to complement the workshop to the PASS Online Resources cuLearn page. We encourage you to download the worksheet before attending the workshop to help you review the course material and take organized notes.

The PASS Online Resources page which is the hub for everything PASS – you will be able to find resources on how to participate in PASS (no registration required), access PASS schedules, and learn more about the benefits of PASS!

In order to access the PASS Online Resources cuLearn page, you will need to enrol in the CSAS Online Learning Community.

How to Self-Enrol

  1. Click the button below
  2. Log into cuLearn
  3. Click the “Enrol me” button
  4. Once you are in the CSAS Online Learning Community, click on the PASS Online Resource block and self-enrol once again. If you have any questions please email us at pass@carleton.ca.

Enter the CSAS Online Learning Community