PASS Facilitators bring their past experience and knowledge of a selected course to a group study session. They plan engaging activities to help students learn the core course content and lead weekly workshops while providing support for students in attendance.

Facilitator Qualifications

The following qualifications are required:

  • a grade of A- or higher in the selected course
  • strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • demonstrated academic success
  • current enrollment as an undergraduate Carleton University student (full or part-time)

Facilitator Role

During the course of the term, Facilitators will be expected to:

  • help students learn the course content while integrating relevant and practical study skills
  • create various and engaging learning activities for students
  • provide an encouraging and positive atmosphere in the workshops
  • serve as an academic role model for students

Facilitator Duties

PASS Facilitators will work approximately 10 hours per week, including lecture attendance. All Facilitators are expected to:

  • attend all class lectures of the selected course, take notes, and (re-)read all required course material
  • create a weekly workshop plan using strategies learned in the PASS Facilitator training sessions
  • lead two 90-minute workshops each week
  • hold one office hour weekly for student appointments and/or drop-in visits
  • create and upload worksheets for use during workshops
  • maintain accurate attendance records
  • be familiar with course requirements and maintain contact with the course instructor as required
  • provide extra workshops and/or review sessions as necessary (e.g., prior to tests or exams)
  • attend weekly team meetings to review workshop plans
  • meet with other PASS Facilitators, Team Leaders and the Coordinator for scheduled meetings and ongoing training
  • maintain regular e-mail contact with the Coordinator, Team Leaders and other Facilitators
  • attend mandatory training and orientation sessions scheduled the last week of August. There will also be two mandatory training sessions each semester held on Friday evenings.

Please note that the Facilitator position description may change.