Join a dedicated team of student leaders and have the opportunity to expand on your leadership skills and enhance your academic experience!

Applications for the Fall 2024 semester have now closed. Please check back during the Fall term for information on applying to Winter 2025 positions.

Job Summary

PASS Facilitators are undergraduate student staff members hired by the Centre for Student Academic Support (CSAS). As a PASS Facilitator, you will be responsible for planning and conducting weekly study sessions where students from your supported course attend to actively learn the core concepts. PASS Facilitators are not expected to be experts in their field and they are not to teach or re-lecture students. PASS Facilitators are student leaders that model active learning, collaboration, and successful study skills within their sessions. In your role as a PASS Facilitator, you will be asked to complete weekly study sessions, Q&A periods, and administrative duties; mock exams, review sessions, and office hours at key points in the semester; as well as additional learning and training opportunities. PASS Facilitators are placed on teams, under the supervision of a Team Leader throughout the duration of their employment, allowing them access to frequent communication and support from fellow colleagues. As a PASS Facilitator, you will be acting in a leadership capacity each week, engaging with groups of students, and positively impacting student learning and academic success.

Please note, PASS Facilitators can only apply to support courses which they have already taken and received a final grade of A- or higher. Final grades will be cross-referenced with applications to ensure this requirement has been met.

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