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Job Description

  • Position Name: Peer Assisted Study Sessions Facilitator (PASS Facilitator)
  • Department: Centre for Student Academic Support (CSAS)
  • Term of Employment: Fall 2022 and/or Winter 2023
  • Pay: $17.32/hour

Work Hours: At a minimum, PASS Facilitators will work approximately 10 hours per week. Facilitators are required to attend the class lecture, plan their workshops, conduct their two workshops, hold a weekly office hour, attend a team meeting, and complete administrative duties.

Additional hours are included in the contract for training, peer observations, mock exams, and other administrative duties. Facilitators should be able to accommodate approximately 5 additional hours a week during these time periods.

Work Location: The mode of delivery for the PASS Program will reflect the mode of course delivery (I.e. online and/or in-person). Given this, successful candidates will need to be in Ottawa and will need to be able to fulfil the PASS Facilitator position regardless of the mode of delivery.

Application Open: Thursday May 12th, 2022

Application Close: Friday May 20th, 2022 at noon

Job Summary

PASS Facilitators are student staff members hired by the Centre for Student Academic Support (CSAS). As a PASS Facilitator, you will be responsible for planning and conducting two weekly workshops and holding one office hour, as well as creating mock exams/review sessions and facilitating take-up sessions. PASS Facilitators will also be attending a weekly team meeting led by a Team Leader, participating in ongoing peer observations, training, and completing administrative duties.

PASS Facilitator Qualifications

The following qualifications are required to apply for the PASS Facilitator position:

  • current enrolment as an undergraduate Carleton University student (full or part-time) and must be taking at least 0.5 credits during the term you want to be employed as a PASS Facilitator
  • a grade of A- or higher in one or more PASS supported courses
  • demonstrated academic success
  • strong interpersonal and communication skills

“This program provided me with an opportunity to expand my leadership and mentorship skills while making an impact on the academic journeys of students, and I think I have learned just as much from the students as they have from me! The community itself is one like no other; I have never felt so supported and appreciated by my fellow facilitators and staff members as I did at PASS.”

   -PASS Facilitator Testimonial

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Please note that the Facilitator position description may change.

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